Thursday, February 24, 2005


Despite my constant complaints and dramas these days about my current "bumming state", I (still) have a life. Read on and be updated on what I am up to in the last couple of days.

~ I met Tin and Jamie at my favorite Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf yesterday at Greenbelt. It's been a while since the last time I saw Jamie (two years ago?). She's now working as Copy Editor on one of those e-newsletter firms in Makati. As for Tin, we are on the same boat right now thus we are so together lately. We actually dread the day na magkasawaan na kami. We talked for hours on the phone, at YM, blogs and through SMS. We take turns in sending absurd messages like: "Badminton tayo? What do you think? Holiday pala tomorrow, wala man lang ako idea!", "Guess what! Si Pablo nag-text in Tagalog!" and our most favorite: "Wala akong pera, doon tayo sa mura. Ok?". She's a bum like me! She just came from China last December and is now on the hunt like me. She was even offered a modelling job yesterday while I was answering a very hard IQ exam! Whoaa! But she turned it down. What are you thinking, Tin?! Anyway, we had fun yesterday talking about our silly adventures in highschool while people-watching at Greenbelt.

~ I am happy today since I received a call from this certain conglomerate where I want to pursue a career in Corporate Communications. I was interviewed the other day by the Head of HR but she told me that I'll be getting an update on the status of my application in a month's time. What?! Anyway, I am happy because her assistant called me up and asked me to come for exams on Tuesday. Please pray for me.

~ I went to my old home the other day to request for certificate of clearance from HR and to check the status of my last pay. Geez, it's not ready yet. We still don't have any news from Globe. Hay! Anyway, it was nice seeing my good friends from the office again. It was nice saying: "Ano, ang tagal nyo! Hindi pa ba tayo mag-b-break?!" once again. It made me miss them more. Oh well. Mark also took me at Tequila Joe's for dinner after work. We had a nice time eating my favorite Chicken Fingers and Fries and his favorite Nachos.

~ Me and a friend "oooohhhed" and "ahhhhhed" in awe when we saw this 0.75 carat girl's bestfriend at Ding Velayo's at Glorietta the other day. It's rounded, with perfect clarity, and it also costs P102,000 in cash (with discount!). Whaaat?! I have to sell my internal organs to Science just to buy it? I am not really fond of wearing jewelries (pearls are exceptions) except on special events BUT this beauty is just to die for! (Tons, ask Earl to buy you this! Haha!)

~ I gave our dog, Bockner, a bath this afternoon. : )

~ I am regulating my food intake by not eating rice. The good news...I am actually surviving. People told me that eliminating rice from one's diet can be bad because we need carbs in our bods. Yep, I know. BUT I also know my deep and BAD relationship with rice. It's absolutely my ultimate guilty pleasure. I started eating breads and crackers in lieu of rice. Let's hope I'll survive.

~ Speaking of food. I took my favorite recipe book (The Best of FOOD Magazine) from the shelves and planned a variety of NEW dishes that I will cook and prepare in the next days or so. Here are my choices: Thai Egg Rolls, Cream Squash Soup, Beef Caldereta (this is one of my frustrations, I hope that I'll get it right this time), Callos, Beef Pochero, Garden Fresh Tomato and Basil Pasta, Eggplant Parmesan, Basic No-Bake Cheesecake and SUSHI (recipe c/o Fay).

~ I cleaned my room! least half of it. There are so many junks! Grabe! Half of my room are books and old magazines and the other half are DVDs, CDs, shoes and bags. I've accumulated two big boxes of books in the last fifteen years and I am planning to dispose some of them. I created an account at eBay and will sell some of my books for at least a hundred bucks or so. I will also post it here in case there are interested ones. My brother will also sell some of his old X-men and Superman comic books. I checked some of the selling price on-line and it's really quite good. Watch out!

~ I am currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and Dirary of A Mad Bride by Lauren Wolf.

Okay, back to regular programming.

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