Sunday, February 06, 2005


The above title is a little bit exaggerated. It's actually a bit overboard and being presumptuous.

In a nutshell, I'll be ending my short but bittersweet stint at Concepcion-Carrier this week by submitting my resignation tomorrow.

I've been wallowing on this 'heartbreak' all weekend. There were actually no tears but it's just too frustrating for words. I've always been proud of my achievements and success when it comes to my work and career, but the episode of the recent past was just too much to bear.

I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to analyze what happened. I don't want to fuss over it. It's over and done with. Kaput! Zilch! Nada! End of story. Let's move on.

The end of an era. The closing of doors.

It will definitely be a sad parting of ways to officemates who in one way touched my life in the last months. I'll be missing my "adoptive" and closely-knit family whose ultimate passion is to bring happiness and comic relief to each other. I'll miss those crazy and impromptu lunch-outs with never-ending food binges. I'll miss those long snack breaks at the canteen with kwentos of work & career, love lives, sales commissions and even adventures of past stag parties. I'll miss Bong, his myriad of admirers, his one-of-a-kind jokes and his love for my camera phone. I'll miss Luci, her weird network passwords, her fascination for beers & gym and her unique views on love and life. I'll miss Kuya Ping, our twilight zone stories and constant search for perfect vacation escapades with our special ones. I'll miss Sir Toni and his protective daddy-image. I'll miss Ma'am Yolly, our washroom gossips and our love for kikay products. I'll miss Sir Willie and his dedication, passion and love for his work. I'll miss Lola Jo, her big bag and her sexy figure. I'll miss Funchum A-lex, his wedding preps, stories of marital bliss and our everyday countdown of favorite songs. I'll miss Yeye Rodel, his fascination with computers, his corny knock-knock jokes and 'scum of the universe' stories. I'll miss A-riel, his beautiful Jona & Sam, our obsession with Coca-Cola and his proverbial interest on the "US". I'll miss AR, his songs and his super kulit hirits which never fails to amuse me. I'll miss Monsignor, his constant pang-aagaw (haha!), and the way he makes me laugh each moment of the day. Lastly, I'll miss my lovely sparring partner, Sor Aimee. I'll miss our joint battle with work stress and boredom. I'll miss the winpops and the forwarded e-mails. I'll miss our breakfast and endless washroom sessions. I'll miss her crazy one-liners and jokes. I'll miss her super red lipsticks and pink accessories. Heck, I'll even miss her Red Jeans Versace that I detest so much!

Am I bitter? Am I disappointed?
No...because at the end of the day...Carrier gave me the greatest gift and happiness that it could ever give...and for that...I cannot thank them enough.

Truly, everything happens for a reason.

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