Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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While half of the population is getting ready for their Holy Week vacations, I am still having hang-over from mine. I had a truly relaxing and enjoyable time last weekend at Coco Beach Island Resort at Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro with Mark, Yods, Jeff, Michelle and Earl. We stayed for three days and two nights at this private, glorious island cove where the staff are all friendly and where the accommodation is truly nice. The Banana House where we stayed was on top of the hill with a fantastic view of the sea, coconut trees, and lots of greens. I remembered happily waking up in early morning breeze and sounds of sea waves. How divine! How fantastic! :)

There are so many things to do at Coco Beach. The resort even claimed that there are 101 activities that can be done in the island. Too bad we cannot do and try all of them with our limited 3 days and 2 nights stay. :( It would take more than a week's stay to fully maximize the island and all its wonderful amenities. Nevertheless, we truly had an enjoyable time relaxing by the beach while sipping drinks and bathing under the sun. My brother even kidded that the "tan" I got is my reddest and darkest ever. Which is actually quite good since I'm usually colorless.

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Coco Memories!

Here's what I truly missed at Coco Beach:
~ Lounging by the beach and having good, relaxing conversations.
~ Picking up precious stones and corals at the shore
~ The poison called Cocobeach Special and the free Gin Tonic
~ The Food! I love the Eliza Vegetable Salad, Spaghetti Napoli, Fried Chicken & Fries (ala Friday's), Vegetable Curry, Tomato Soup and the Spanish Omelette
~ Listening to the acoustic music of the Coco Singers
~ Having laps at the Silent Pool
~ Endless picture taking and photo-ops
~ The sunset and the hammock :)
~ Drinking and unwinding at the Baraccuda Bar
~ Sleeping early and waking up early in cool atmosphere at the Banana House
~ The bathroom and the salt-sea water
~ Snorkeling at the Bayanan Beach
~ Kayaking with gusto to the nearby beach
~ Swimming at the beach before sunset
~ Seeing "Dory" and other fishes
~ # 73 and the long walk to get there
~ The cute foreign kids with curly hair and their airplane floater
~ Fidel, our service family, and the other nice people of Coco Beach
~ Nice wind and breeze on the boat
~ Relaxing, carefree, worry-free, and stimulating ambiance

Too bad I wasn't able to get myself a spanking henna tattoo. :( Next time maybe.

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