Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Holy Week is a time to pray, meditate, be quiet, and reflect on things. No matter where you are. Right?

I'll be spending once more my Holy Week alone. Just like in the previous years. It will actually be a boring one since I've been "having a break" for more than a month now. It's actually becoming tiring. But, of course, I just got back from Galera so I really must not complain. I definitely had my share of glorious vacation days.

Like last year, almost all of my closest friends and cousins will be trooping out of the city as early as possible for the much-needed R&R. Half of the people I know are Boracay-bound. Yikes! My bestest buddies Olen & Bim will be at their rest house in Royal Tagaytay, Aileen is still at Ocean Adventure, Jen & Deng will also be at Bora, Bugs and his girlfriend Vanessa will be on a road trip to Bicol, my cousin Eliza is on her way to Bangkok and even my recently broken friend, Weng (who I've been counting on to wallow with me in penance), texted me hours ago and said that he's at the Asia Spirit office buying last-minute tickets to Boracay (where else?) to follow 'someone' and dear Marky will be in Baguio.

The funny thing about all of this is...nobody dared invite me to their tripping! That's actually quite unusual and surprising considering the numerous invites that I usually get this time of the year. Some of my friends are actually worried about my 'singleness' and my unattachment in the past. I got my answer when I complained this to a friend of mine last night. "As if you're still alone and have nobody to share the long break with..." Hahaha! I truly have very assuming friends.

This year is no different. :(

Anyway, anyway, enough drama and bitterness. This is actually a week of penitensya for me. At least Aileen will be back any minute from Subic and Tin is also staying at home. We can always have those long chit-chats at YM or at some coffeehouse at SLEX while the rest of the world DO Bora! OR I can read a book, play The SIMS, watch Friends & Dawson's re-runs, go online 24/7, or sell chicken and longganiza at the store. :) The possibilities are endless!

Have a safe & relaxing trip, everyone!
Don't forget to take time out and pray.


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