Friday, April 01, 2005

:: HIGH & LOW ::

There's a lot to blog about but I cannot post and upload lately. There are lots of thoughts and feelings that I want to share but I just cannot. My blog hits grew exponentially since December and I was truly happy about it. Majority of those hits were from my actual and real friends, cousins, officemates and other acquaintances that finally got a wind of my URL. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing higher than your usual numbers in your hit counter and IP address tracer. But it also comes with a price. It was easier for me to write and share feelings before when I know that my blog is just being read my bestest bestfriends, my on-line and blog buddies (that I haven't met in real life), and total strangers. It was harder for me to write and say things now when I know that everyday people in my life, my family and cousins, close friends, other friends, friends of friends and acquaintances drop here occassionally. Weird, huh? I dunno why. I guess there are just some things that I can say to strangers which I cannot share to other people who are not my bestfriends. It's hard when you know that your regular people "might judge" after reading something here. Plus, the IP addresses that are popping in my tracer are too weird lately and I actually don't know who's reading my blog. It might even be a future employer or interviewer. Scary! Anyway, I truly am more careful and cautious lately on what I post and say here since some of my precious words might be use against me in the future. Ladidah...

This realization became even more evident when an acquaintance saw me at the mall two afternoons ago. She told me that she did not recognized me because of my *ahem* tan. I told her that I got it when I went beaching a couple of weeks ago. Then she said: "Oh yeah, I know! You went to Cocobeach, right?". She told me that she heard someone from her office mentioned that I went to Galera two weekends ago. That surprised me since I haven't seen her nor her circle of friends for quite some time. Well, the information probably came from this blog which I dunno they know about.

There you go.

I digress. Anyway, here are my highs and lows post-Holy Week (in no particular order).

1. Friends Seasons 4 and 5. I am still at the part when Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) gave birth to her triplets. I am also happy and excited for Monica (Courtney Cox) and Chandler's (Matthew Perry) budding romance.
2. My Aileen, my Tintin, my Charo and my Olen (again in no particular order). Their voices soothe me. No bola. Alam ko din kasi na mahaba-haba pa, diba? Hahaha! Hay! Muchas Gracias!
3. Great, long conversations with friends.
4. Globe All You Want. Thank God for Globe friends who always remembers to keep in touch. :)
5. My Rustan's interview last Wednesday
6. Another interview from a headhunter later.
7. The cool, relaxing breeze at Westgate and Filinvest two nights ago while kulitan with former officemates.
8. Tintin and her new spanking career as Head of Sales in an up and coming advertising agency. Yeah! Happy days are here again!
9. Reconnecting with old friends (who I neglected in the last couple of months) and making new ones.
10. Talking with Bim on the cellphone while I was on a queue in a bank yesterday! The guards were defenseless and doesn't know what to do with me while I yak, yak, yak and yak.
11. Bumping into my good friend Jako at ATC the other day.
12. SMS. SMS. SMS.
13. Shopping and malling alone. I actually prefer this.
14. Booming sale at our retail store.
15. The majestic moon and starry starry night a night ago.

1. My niece Gabbie is at her other lola's house since her mommy got chicken pox.
2. The confusion and semi-squabble regarding our clan's next meeting venue. One proposed Greenbelt, the other Tagaytay Highlands, and my dad insisted that we'll have it here at our abode in time to welcome his 57th Birthday.
3. Waking up. It's just sooooo hard.
4. Half roll of tissue paper in three days.
5. Lunchtime. I dunno why I get sad come lunchtime. It must be because of the yummy rice that I cannot touch.
6. The long, tedious process of my last pay at Carrier.
7. My "whitening" tan. The peeling is great for my back though. It's goodbye annoying back zits!
8. Draining wallet and bank account. Haaay!
9. Busy Olen and Bim who I cannot meet for dinner or even coffee.
10. The depressing night sky last Tuesday.
11. Dying Pope. :(

More later.

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