Monday, April 25, 2005

We had a fab time at 19East when we celebrated Aileen's birthday last Tuesday. We came in full 'force' (the best we can since Ivy and Mitzi are overseas) and watched the amazingly damn good MYMP duo. They are so fantastic and I have nothing but fine words to describe them. I especially like when they sang "Especially for You", "Get Me", "A Little Bit", "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me" (the official song of broken people) and "Fast Car". I am certainly hooked! I'll get their albums one of these days and I'll try to catch them again in May. Right, girls? Right?? Say yes, please!

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Tin, Juris, Birthday Girl Aileen, me & Charo

The certified Drama Queen's birthday week was full of (you guess it) "drama" with all the right ingredients for a telenovela. The complications started with an innocent phone call before Tin fetched her for the bash and it ended with an exhilirating parasailing experience at Subic. I am even happy that I have a minor starring role (I tried super hard not to grab the attention, promise! Hehe!) on it. It was truly a birthday experience pulled-out from some sappy soap opera. I am totally envious! There were bickering and arguing friends, picture-crazy, merry-making and boozing pals, her asswipe ex, a family adventure, and her adorable guy who said his heartfelt sorry for the nth time. Anyway, I already rambled too much. Just check her blog for a full account of her full week.

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Tin, me, Aileen, Jako and Charo

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Tin, me, Aileen and the cheese sticks

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Beauty Tin & Cutie Abbie



I still recall my birthday wish to you last year that was also documented on this blog. I vividly remember that I said that may your 26th year be the one when you'll finally be complete.

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A lot changed in the last year. Our friendship became stronger and more resilient than ever. I don't know even know what/where I'll be if not for your steadfast support (I know the feeling is mutual! Haha!). You truly stood by me (by us) in more ways than one. Heck, you were even my "office romance" inspiration and also my heartbreak rescuer with your damn-right book.

Guys may come and go, may broke or heal our hearts, may give us inspiration or ache but no matter what, I will always be here for you --- ready to bust my free Globe minutes and give my fierce loyalty at all times. So, even if you're NOT yet complete. I hope that me, Tin, Charo, Mitzi and Ivy somehow compensates that temporary "lost". It will come. I have faith.


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