Thursday, June 02, 2005

:: SCRAPS ::

Got this from my good friend, Tin's blog. Another one of those random survey thingamajig. Just to let the world know that I am still alive and kicking.

1. Current happening?
Waiting for my boss to sign my LOA for the car repairs that I need; yearning to get a massage and go home; sick with coughs and colds

2. Current clothes?
Black coat, black pants, red knitted long sleeves

3. Current music playing?
MYMP's Tell Me Where It Hurts

4. Current feeling?
Tired, stressed, a bit sad

5. Current show on tv?

I am at the office, heheh! :)

6. Current pet peeve?
Random callers who are making follow-ups on their sponsorship proposals or offered services.

7. Current occupation?
Public Relations and Advertising Manager

8. Currently talking to who?
Nobody. I am alone in my cube

9. Currently thinking of:
The CE of the car shop; 'what lies ahead'; my dad; when is the boss coming back from his uber-lengthy meeting.

10. Currently doing?
Blogging, answering work e-mails, arranging with my Media Strategist from McCann the ad placement material for July, preparing the Herbie and VW Club tie-up, and reading some "ouch" article from Arvee's blog.

11. Currently imagining?
A stress-free existence :)

12. Current number of suitors
Define "suitors". The term is soooo 90's. Harharhar!

13. Current boyfriend/girlfriend?
My laptop.

14. Currently singing?

15. Current facial expression?

16. Current position?
Seating (read: slouching) with feet crossed

17. Currently wearing any jewelry
Pearly whites and my trusty KC

18. color of footwear you are currently wearing

19. Current recurring flashback
Sooo many

20. Current hilarious moment
Life has too many serious moments lately. No time for hilarious ones.

21. Current mannerism/s?
Gas-break-gas-break-gas-break footwork

22. Current headliner/s of the day:
"Awwww...are you sick? Why is your voice like that?"
"You slammed...where??? Whathappened?"

23. Currently looking at
My phone

24. Currently dreaming of

Same as #25

25. Currently wishing for
Same as #24

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  1. Hi, Abbie. Arvee here from tabulas. Hope you still remember me. I finally found your blog again and I was reading your super old entries when I found a quiz where you answered that you are thinking bout an "ouch" article from my blog. Wow, me effect pala kahit pano blog ko. I stopped blogging when life became too complicated (which is ironic diba?) but now I started maintaining a blog again. Hope we can blogmates again! I recap ko nalang yung life na hinde na document. I agree with you and Rhiz na we should document our life. Ang hinde ko pa nadocument eh yung juicy part (finding the love of my life again and our wedding!). Oh well. I'll try to make up for that. See you in our blogs, Abbie!


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