Thursday, May 26, 2005


It's already 12:55 in the morning and I am still "working".

I am actually on a business trip and I just had a very refreshing massage in my hotel room. It's been a long time since my last work trip. I think the last I had was in Boracay for the incentive trip for Honda dealer associates. I definitely miss having trips like this - nice hotel rooms, friendly and accommodating colleagues, local exotic dishes and sinful desserts (which I must think and talk about). I am about to sleep but my boss sent me a message and asked me to check my e-mail since I've been out-of-the-office for quite some time (geez, about five hours). After so many security and password checks via remote access, here I am...checking my work mail and blogging the night away in a strange bed.

GY Express Day and Bimmerfest '05
First Snaps @ GY Events
(1st Row) Me & Ronnie at Dencio's . Our GY Booth at Bimmerfest '05
(2nd Row) Bimmers at Bimmerfest . Me, Edser, Pia and Allan at the GY Express Day

I had a very weird experience last night that I just have to share with everyone. I stayed at the office until 10:00 in the evening because I CAN'T write! It took me almost two hours to write a 256 words press release for an event we had last Saturday. Geez! It was so surreal. I had a year's worth of blog entries, several "award-winning" activity reports in the past, some newsletter scraps here and there, YET I cannot write a 256 straightforward article? Geez! Am I losing it? Or I am just too scattered-brained lately? It took me several trips to the washroom, Pan de Manila's crinkles, 3 MP3 songs and a receive/reply/send lengthy personal e-mail before I was able to write the first word for my very first news write-up for my new company. Hay! I am still nervy and fidgety up to this very minute since I haven't received a word yet from our national office in the US for their a-okay of its release. Oh well.

I will definitely post it here as soon as I get their approval. It can be added media mileage. Harhar!

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