Saturday, July 16, 2005


I am done...with the first few chapters and it's absolutely explosive. I am a true-blue (or should I say "green" to match Harry's eyes?) Harry Potter fan since I read the first book (HP & The Sorcerer's Stone) in 2001. I loyally and faithfully followed the series with passion. I cried, laughed, and even did some magic with Harry and his friends along each book's journey. My first bullboard experience should even be credited to HP since it's through the very popular HP Fandom/Cinescape Messageboard where I learned the tricks of the on-line trade (eg. posting, lurking, spamming, etc.). I am even a member of the House of Gryffindor! Yeah, THAT obsessive-pathetic! :)

I heart my HP!
I scored another HP box at the bookstore like the last time!
(Btw, check my newly-cellophaned/straightened locks! Haha!)

My hot date with Harry...
Reading, reading, if there's no tomorrow

Fast forward to 2005. Due to so many things on my hands, I was not really that keen in getting the 6th book. I was quite disappointed with the last (very lenghty) one and was not really "counting the days" until I get my copy. Nevertheless, I reserved last month at Powerbooks Alabang and got my book today (read previous post). It's so deliciously GOOD! And the reason why I am here blogging and not reading was because I don't want to end it yet. I will take my own sweet time in devouring it unlike the truly eager ones who will do their ultimate best to fast-read.

HP and The Order of The Phoenix
Yesteryears. Taken last June 21, 2003 after I
bought my HP and The Order of the Phoenix book.

it's Saturday and I am amazingly spending it at home (and alone at that). The rest of the family went to my aunt's dinner party while I stayed and rest. It's surprising that I don't have any work events or even a date tonight. We finished the last of the Herbie-Goodyear events this morning whilst he's in Tagaytay with his college friends. I love solitary nights like this.

I soooo luv the new Toyota Fortuner!!! Somone promised me that he'll buy me two. I am undecided on the color though. Hahaha!

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