Sunday, July 17, 2005


I am re-posting my On-Line Christmas Wish List last year with some additional stuff. It's time to take out the list again (hey, it's really helpful and handy to generous friends) for some upcoming milestone in my life. "My wants" haven't changed much but I am truly happy that I got plenty of things that I wished for last December. Notice the strikes? Read on.

1. Chrismas/Birthday messages on my cellphone, e-mail, tag-board or blog comment box.

2. Chrismas/Birthday phone calls (just right after midnight will be truly appreciated)

3. Chrismas/Birthday cards from all over

4. Altec Lansing Sound Blaster It's one of his Christmas gifts last year. It's one of my most 'gwapo' PC accessories.

5. Starbucks 2005 Planner/Diary Too late for this. But I'll be getting my Starbucks bag soon! 15 more coffee stickers to go (no wonder I am too jumpy lately - blame it to coffee overload.)

6. Lacoste Polo Shirt in Light Pink or Purple

7. Slave Hard Drive - 20 GB is enough

8. A bottle of Red Wine or Bailey's I actually have a gallon (yes, a gallon) of red wine to dispose! Any takers?

9. Dawson's Creek Season 2 - 6 (even pirated copies will do!) How about Friends Season 7 and 9?

10. Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription for one year I get complimentary copies (with other titles) each month! Thanks, Summit! It's one of my most loved benefits.

11. New kick-ass blog lay-out A picture says a thousand words. Ain't it?

12. Left Behind Book Series (Books #8 - 12)

13. Christmas Angel for the tree top and Christmas lights

14. A condo unit in Makati My Mazda certainly compensates for this.

15. Bouquets of Calla Lilies or white roses

16. Patience and willpower to go on and not to give up

17. iPod Mini / iPod Pleeeeeeassseee! Samahan nyo na din ng iTrip. Hah!

18. Sony Cybershot T1 I changed my mind. Can I have a Canon instead? But I did tell my boss that I DEFINITELY need a new kick-ass Canon with 5mp (plus huge memory card, of course) and he's been really nice about it. *cross fingers*

19. Tequila Joe's Chicken Fingers My staple food at TJ combined with Mark's staple Nachos since they always DON'T have his favorite chilis.

20. Overnight stay at Camp John Hay Manor, Baguio City

21. The Spa Gift Certificate Make it overnight GC at The Farm at San Benito. I am seriously thinking of spending my Birthday weekend there. It will just cost me P9,200++. Duh??? Anyway, I am seriously thinking of a weekend-birthday getaway (alone?). There's always Nurture Spa in Tagaytay, Shangri-La or...Bora! : )

22. Sark's Journal and Play!book (available at Powerbooks)

23. Microphone for my PC

24. Felicity Season 2-4 (same as #9)

25. Pilot TechPen .5 in PINK (can't find ANY)

26. Driving lessons Hahaha! WHO needs this now? Definitely NOT me. Yabaaang, syempre!

27. HP ipaq Or give me an O2 XDA Mini instead. Or a Treo.

28. Better writing skills. Flawless grammar.

29. Scuba diving course tuition fee.

30. 100/day blog hits Been there, done that. But keep the visits still.

31. Numerous blog links Same comment as above.

32. Shopping holiday to Thailand or Hongkong.

33. Trip to Vigan, Ilocos Sur

34. Powerbook (yebah!) I already asked my boss (again) about this. He's working on it! Yayyyy! I can't wait to lay my hands on those pristine white keys of MAC!

35. Five days, four nights stay in Boracay divine (please, please, please!)

36. One Month Christmas bonus Duh????

37. Magic mic

38. Aileen, Charo & Tin with a boyfriend. Notice the strike on a particular friend's name? Keep the love burning, dear!

39. Hosting for this blogsite with domain name

40. A 100% Him. A 100% Mine. (As our President's favorite corporate slogan goes - Go...Go...Goodyear!)

And some more...
41. Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain
42. Half of the promised salary and title. I am truly working on this one.
43. Trip to Shanghai/Beijing
44. Carribean Cruise
45. New Nike/Sketchers

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