Sunday, July 24, 2005


I had a very full week. It was very tiring at work since my boss is out and we just communicated heavily through e-mail which resulted to many confusion, lost in translation, and giga-worth of file attachements. I also tried my best to go home early each night so I can finish my beloved Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince book. I am supposed to be in Santiago, Isabela as of this very moment to attend some 4 x 4 off-road event that we are sponsoring but I wasn't able to make because I have to finalized so many upcoming creative bid projects. Good thing there's no work on Monday. Thanks to GMA's SONA.

Here's a run-down:

I had a very jumpy day at work. I dunno and I cannot even remember why I was unbelievably panicky that day. I was going back and forth from the Sales office to my cube almost the entire afternoon. Me, Rose, Marge together with the Sales guys went to BF for lunch at my good friend/officemate's John newly-opened restaurant called Grandma's (the Kare-kare and Laing is to die for). I left the office 4ish to meet Mark at my old/his office. I also finally got the very very last of my last paycheck (after five months!). We went to The Fort for his haircut while I had a very relaxing foot spa and massage. It was raining hard (which is beyond sweet) and I was craving for Chinese so we just dined at nearby Good Earth. It was a fun, sweet, and very enlightening night. : )

Marge and Me
Marge and Me - Taken at the Sales Office

Same old, tiring day at work filled with CE and Media Plan re-computation from McCann Erickson. My phone was ringing non-stop which prompted me to direct all calls to Marian so I can work at peace even for a minute. I went to BPI Sucat during lunch to deposit some checks and even dropped-off some Gonuts Donuts to Mark on my way back to the office. I had a salad and pasta dinner with Olen and Jen at Delifrance ATC while we catch up with gossips.

My phone woke me up at 5am with a message from my boss that I am to attend and present the result of our recently concluded consumer promotion at the very early Distributors Meeting. I got all panicky (again) and immediately showered, dressed and raced through SLEX since I don't have presentation materials yet. The meeting proved to be very informative to me and I learned something to be excited about in September and/or October. Sana, sana... John also confirmed to me that exciting news while we and some of our other friends from the office were having dinner. Will blog about it once it's confirmed. I also spent my lunch at Tips n' Toes for a french pedicure and a dose of Harry Potter amidst the heavy downpour outside. The rainy afternoon failed to slow us down for our once-a-month Bowling Fun Games at Gameworx. I played for the Blue Team with Feh, Lori, Edser and Sir Hector. I had two strikes, several spares, and scored an average of 95 points which placed me 6th best in the girls category. Hahaha! Not bad, huh? Our team played second over-all. I was very tired and only finished a chapter of Harry Potter.

I finalized my creative briefs for an upcoming campaign and also placed and booked with McCann our print ad for next week. I was fidgety and excited all day because of our scheduled badminton game in the afternoon. Our play time was originally scheduled at 7:00 pm but our opponent asked for an earlier slot which Lorai and I agreed to. We lost. :( It was disappointing but nonetheless fun. I had cramps and body aches all over because of too much sports and lack of stretching. Me and Feh had a quick coffee at Starbucks Petron Mega before going home.

It was a somewhat-kindda-a-little-bit special day for me at work because I was inducted as one of the new members of Goodyear's Women Initiative in Lidership (WIL). It was a woman's organization that develops women leaders in the organization. It was a good avenue to learn how to be good in a man's world. Our organization - especially in my level - is full of guys. It has it advantages (they are quite easy on my little booboos) but more disadvantages (golf game, anyone???). Afternoon work was spent with scheduling of meetings with the agencies for the bid presentations for next year's campaign.

I left the office with Janice to go to Makati for some Honda gathering. I arrived early so I killed time at Starbucks 6750 and had a very hot coffee date with Harry Potter. I almost finished the book but I stopped and decided to window-shop. On my way to Giligan's, I passed by Hard Rock and saw in the marquee that Spongecola and Sugarfree - Aileen's favorite bands - are playing. I called her up and was right that she's there with Rose. I had a quick dinner with them before going to Giligan's to meet with the Honda peeps (Weng, Lee, Lutch, Ronnie and Aimee, Deng and Jen, Tristan). We truly had a fun night of talking, drinking and swapping gossips. It's been a long time since our last get-together. Haven't seen Tristan since my last day last year! I left 1ish with Lutch and Aileen (whom I fetched at Starbucks after watching her bands).

Stayed and rest at home after finishing the very explosive, very grand Harry Potter book! Whew!!!! Grabe!!! I am planning to write about it when I have the time. I also received some great news from Mabuhay Miles. My miles will be expiring next next month so I have to use it before September 30. I can travel for free anywhere here in the Philippines but I can also go to either HongKong, Xiamen, or Taipei by adding a few dollars. I am excited!!! I am actually inquiring about rates and packages. A birthday away from home is definitely exciting! : ) Tara!!!

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