Friday, August 12, 2005

11:50 am
My birthday is almost half-over and one of my bestest, bestest friend (and her husband) seemed to forgot about it. Which is really weird because they've already given me their birthday gift in advance which they bought from their trip to the US last summer. Anyway, I know that they don't read my blog regularly so it's unlikely that they will know of this through here. Hehe! At least that's two-birthday treat down the drain. Our other friends, Raymond and Patty, even called me up across the miles!

Everyone's telling me at the office: "Hey, Happy Birthday! Baket hindi ka nag-birthday leave?". Hah, as if I can! As if I am allowed! BUT my mind is definitely not here at the office. I can't work and my mind is already out of Goodyear's gate.

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