Thursday, August 18, 2005


It's very hard to be a woman in a man's world. *sigh*

I spent my Tuesday with John, Edser, Binchy, and Allan for the preliminary judging of the Goodyear Servitek Structure Design Contest for the Architecture students of UST and FEU. It was a very tiring but nonetheless fulfilling day as we analyze concept, study colors, comment on designs, and deliberate on themes as we search for the next big "Servitek Look". We judged almost sixty entries from talented kids with very fresh and vibrant ideas. I left the campuses feeling young myself. Too much corporate environment can actually kill the "art" in us. I am glad that I was able to experience a break from the usuals.

Me and The Arts
Me amidst the fresh, young ideas of the Architecture students of UST

Image hosted by
GREAT SNAP (by moi!)
John, Edser, Binchy and Allan

It was also my first time to drive in far Manila - since I woke up late and wasn't able to ride with John and Binch to UST. It was truly another milestone in my young driving career life since traffic is very very different in that part of the world. Good thing Binchy was kind enough to drive my car back to the office while I rode with the others to attended some dealers' thanksgiving party in Otis. The usual gang from Options Unlimited - Andy, Jeff - were also there. Thanks to the babbling mouth of John, they all learned my current delirious state. They also gave me series of weird and unsolicited advices by the time dessert arrived.

I was dead-tired when I got home.

The corporate gossip is undeniably the very best in Godyear. It was my first day back at the office today and was so surprised how/why people learned my bad news. I even got an e-mail of concern-slash-let-me-know-if-you-want-to talk from an officemate. Errr...

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