Sunday, August 21, 2005


The recent events of my life made me decide that I should be happy and excited on the small things around me. Even if it's just temporary. Yeah, I know that being happy is a choice but I must admit that I am still hesistant to make that genuinely happy choice just yet. I still want to wallow and cry a little bit more. I believe that I owe it to myself to (still) absorb the last few hurts and pains that will come my way (I can argue on this one so no point on debating on this one). I am taking it one step at a time and one day at a time. A week passed and I think that my healing process already started. I believe that the pains and hurts are slowly creeping out of my system BUT the sadness, the loneliness, and the longing are the ones that are enveloping me lately - which is a whole, whole, whole lot terrible and horrible than the hurting. It's a very wicked and nasty state to be in and I don't see any looming expiration date as of the moment. :(

I totally digress.

As I've said a while ago, I've been amusing myself with little things around me. I've been hanging out with my friends who are all kind enough to listen to my-never-ending-love-story but who are also polite enough to stop asking questions or pestering me with details when they feel that I cannot take it anymore. I used to be quite open and shareful on the subject of my lovelife (or the lack thereof) to my closest friends but I guess it is different this time. Some of them were quite surprised that I am so privy about the whole thing. I dunno why. Maybe because I just want to keep it all inside me. Maybe "we" have already talked about it in length and in all angles and it left no room for "analysis". Or was just the mature way to handle things. Aileen even said that I am taking it quite well since I am NOT whiny, pouty, and self-absorbed compared last March/April. Haha!

One Tough Cookie
Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do

I totally digress (again).

As for the little stuff in my life last week. The one that really got me excited was our monthly Bowling Fun Games last Thursday. It was extra special this time since some of the trainors for the Six Sigma Training joined us in the games. It was like United Nations in the alley at Gameworx at Festival Mall. I improved my "best" average score by 10.9%! I had three strikes, several spares, and was third best in the women's category. I am so proud of myself considering that it was only my 3rd time this year to play. Here are some pictures:

Goodyear's Bowl-a-Rama


Me, Aileen and Charo also watched Diane Lane and John Cusack's "Must Love Dogs" last Friday. It was a romantic comedy on moving on and loving again after a very tragic heartbreak. Isang malaking "Oh well". It was very nice though. Aileen loved it so much. It was also fun hanging out with them (as usual). Too bad Tin wasn't able to join us.

I met and dined with several other bunch of friends last week. I also went to a dealers' party, had pasta at Delifrance (for the nth time this month), had lunch at Friday's, had coffee, etc. Two officemates/friends actually "pestered" me all week night by bombarding me with phone calls and texts on my whereabouts and who I am with. They just want to know if 'I am safe and in good hands'. Hah! It was really sweet but I would also like to assure them and HIM (and my other friends) that I am well and good. After all, tough times never last but tough people do.

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