Monday, August 22, 2005


I lost some weight. Even my favorite waitress in one of my favorite Chinese restos noticed. : ) After all, I haven't been ordering my ultra-favorite Ha Kao in more than a month. Anyway, I dunno if the weight lost was because of the break-up or the no-rice diet I was in a week prior to the aforementioned disastrous event. Sadly, I am not one of those damsels in distress who cannot eat anything because of anxiety and distress. I actually crave for foodies whenever I am down and out. I put a TRO (read: temporary restraining order) to the no-rice diet for the meantime (but I'll be back tomorrow though). I am aching so much and I have to vent it somehow. Rice has always been a BAD ally and it has proven to be a very good soundboard.

I was craving since last last weekend for some very, very sour sinigang and I finally had some at lunch today. Me and my good friend Johh had lunch at my-used-to-be-favorite Ilonggo Grill and it felt fantastic to finally taste some good ol' very sour sinigang again! I was not even listening to John and his narration on the upcoming China trip and the US Carribean Cruise because of my very sumptuous
dish. (hehehe! so sorry!) Anyway, the icing of my lunch was actually the dessert. We dropped by at nearby Pilar Village to buy some homemade ice cream at Dan Eric's (that's actually the name of the brand). It was sooo nice and soooo creamy (not to mention el cheapo) ! I am not really a sweet and dessert person but I looovvve it so so much! I'll be back for more (there goes my diet and the weight I lost! goodbye, mrs. smith???) Ooohh, the little happy things in life!


Some funny conversation...

John: Hmmm, ewan ko, she seems interested. Text ng text lagi sa akin. Parang may gustong sabihin. What do you think, pare?

Abbie: Really? Lagi ba sya nag te-text? Hmmm, may smiley? May smiley ba o wala? It all depends if may smiley o wala 'no!

Smileys pa din??? Been there, done that.

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