Friday, August 26, 2005


THE weekend. How I hate it!!! #@!%&!

It was like this last week and I am expecting that it will be like THIS for a few more Friday nights and weekends to come. When we were still dating, Fridays without him were bad enough. Paano pa kaya ngayon? I love going out during Fridays with him. Heck, I love going out with him everyday and any day of the week. But, still, Fridays are always different. I always believe that whoever you spend your Fridays with are somehow extra-special than your other friends.

No matter how "strong" I am during weekdays, I am always on a mopping spree on weekends. I wasn't able to control myself last Saturday and even called him up. It's not that I don't want to talk to him, it's just that it pains me each time we communicate knowing that things are not the same between us. It pains to know that we are both trying to let go and detach ourselves from each other.

I sent him a forwarded e-mail message the other day on "being lonely but not alone since God is always with us". He replied and even asked how I am. I replied and said that I've been reading a lot of books and was sickly (withrawal symptoms?) lately. I also asked how he is. He said that he's busy with work and he's also been jogging. He also said that it was his time to think alone. I did not reply after that. Knowing too much about him while we are on this state pains me a lot.

My officemates Marge, Eric and I will watch a movie later. I am actually enjoying their company lately. They are cool and okay. They amuse me on moments of grief and sorrow.

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