Saturday, August 27, 2005


Who Stole My Magic?Yes, I have the book. Yes, I read the book. I will (even) be lending it to my good friend Marge on Monday so she can read it herself. She did not get her own copy since she believes that it's a total rip-off considering that it's so thin of a book AND we all know "how to survive after a break-up" BUT we just don't want to do it. The marketing people at Summit Books are geniuses and I am their "ideal target market" (read: victim). Girls in my current state will buy almost absolutely anything to somehow help ease the pain and restore the hope within us. Even if it's a 96-page book of heartbreak do's and dont's which our very friends kept on suggesting to us since day one post break-up. It was one good dose though. Read it if you must.

Days are actually quite getting better lately. I still have my moments and weekends are bad enough BUT I can confidently say that there's a somewhat renewed spirit within me. I'm still on a sad state (but NOT miserable - there's a diff)...and since I cannot do anything about it (yet)...I just dwell on the little happy thoughts and moments that comes my way. There was a touching line from the movie The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, which I watched with Marge and Eric, that says something like "happiness doesn't have to be a one-time big moment or feeling, it can be a collection of small happy days and moments that comes your way". Pretty neat, huh? The dinner-movie-coffee night I had with Marge and Eric last night was a classic example of "little happiness". I truly had fun hanging out with them, playing senseless but nonetheless funny name games, and sharing stories about officemates and friends. It was indeed a night of "sisterhood".

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Me and Marge
Pictures taken last Wednesday and Friday

I've also been really really really busy with work (as usual). I am preparing for some mega-production event come October. I am very excited yet nervy about it despite the fact that I got one of the best events company in the industry to back me up. I am also keeping myself busy with other things. I am simultaneously reading three books, I hang-out with my officemates, I play with my niece Gabbie, I am having Felicity DVD marathons, and I am starting "to write" again.

I can say that I am generally FINE. :)

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I am playing a nasty joke on myself. The iPod's ain't mine.
But positive vibe attracts positive actions. Soon.

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