Thursday, December 22, 2005


After a long's a post. The last two months was really hectic for me. A surprise re-organization in my department prompted me to have more late work nights than I've ever had in my entire life. There were times when I will finish work at 4am, go home and shower, e-mail some more, and back to the office again at 9am. All the stress, long \hours, and less time to do anything else paid off because of our ultra-successful-still-being-talked-about mega-event last December 5 - our 50th year anniversary launch here in the Philippines.

Yep, Goodyear Philippines is celebrating its golden birthday. The launch was really just the launch and I am really in for a long and hard haul this 2006.

The holiday that I've been ignoring for so long cannot go unoticed any longer. With it comes the numerous Christmas parties (where I was asked to do several hosting stints), endless shopping for costumes for the presentations, and panic gift-buying for family, friends and Godchildren. It finally took its toll on me two days ago when I came to work sneezing and coughing. What a bad way to start the holidays :( I cannot even make Christmas beso to officemates.

Another thing that would make this Christmas not really one of the best is the fact that one of my closest friends still cannot get over and forgive me for some terrible thing that I did end of November. I am truly looking forward to having Christmas Dinner with him again and even made early reservations to Antonio's - but I guess there are really some things that you cannot recover from easily. I just have to be patient and show my sincere sorry to him - no matter what it takes. :(

Oh well.

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