Sunday, April 09, 2006


I am in for a long Havaianas summer AND not by choice. I was playing with my niece Gabbie Saturday afternoon when I accidentally collided in one of the numerous narra chairs in our hallway leading to the bedrooms (to make room for Gabbie who was running alongside me). My right foot was the direct hit and I winced and screamed in pain. My niece (tender age of four, mind you) came to me to help and even said that I should be more careful. I managed to walk (limping though) to my mom's room to complain the pain. I collapsed in her bed and check the "damage" that the "accident" brought me. "Uh-oh!" was my first reaction. It was definitely not a very good sight. My toes, which I so loved because it's all joined and aligned, doesn't look so open-toes-shoes beauty a bit. The middle toe was kindda leaning on the right and was so damn painful. It freaked me but I nonetheless massaged it to put it back to normalcy. It was so painful but I nonetheless went on with it.

I was supposed to meet with Binch for some Holy Week project but I sent him instead an SMS informing him that I hurt my foot and will just meet him 5ish. I decided to sleep and rest my foot hoping to ease the pain. I woke up two hours after and immediately went to the hospital for x-ray because the pain is becoming unbearable. My worst fear was confirmed: I fractured a toe.

Ooohhhh weeellll. It's really no biggie (well, I hope). I can still walk (limping though), I can still drive (but my mom's telling me not to - but I said that it's better than commuting while injured), and I can practically still do almost all of my day-to-day activities. The bad part part? It would take 4-8 weeks to "mend" the fracture and doing so many tiring activities might worsen things. I haven't seen yet Dr. Sy (my ever-reliable Orthopedic Surgeon who operated my finger two years back) but he (fortunately) advised against putting a cast on it. His ortho assistant put a splint, surrounded my mid toe and my 2nd toe with elastics, and bandaged it.

My right foot now has an ugly red purple and swell which stings every now and then. I can't walk too much and stand in prolong periods. I wouldn't be able to wear boots and stilettos for the time being so I have to stock up on Havaianas (hehe! not that I really mind). It would also be a beach-less and swimming-less summer. *sigh* I can see that this would be a very hard April with all the preps for the GY Dagupan Roadshow and 15th Transportshow in full-swing. Hay! :(

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