Monday, May 01, 2006


Sophie: The Best Booth Display OBVIOUSLY goes to Goodyear! Congratulations!

Definitely music to our ears! To Mine especially. Going up to the stage to receive the coveted award makes me want to cry after the hard work we all put in for the 15th Transport Show (and our other projects of recent past). One of our models, Ms. Hawaiian Tropics Jocelyn Oxlade, also won the sought-after Ms. Transportshow award. Such a well-deserved win for all of us. We definitely ended the popular five-day auto event with a big bang and in high flying colors yesterday.

After a few minutes to the awarding ceremony, I went back to the "Best Booth Display" clutching our prized trophy. I gave a hug to my boss, Ron, and was greeted by more hugs and congratulatory kisses by our President, his wife Sissy, Binchy, officemates, and our event crew. Whew! It was definitely a sweet victory for all of us. After the euphoria died down I received comments of: "Now you can have a life!", "Now you can have a boyfriend!". Hahah! How I wish! Winning is one thing but sustaining the victorious streak (without damaging the budget so much) for the rest of the year is another thing.


I started the "celebration" by having a team dinner at Temptasian Cuisine at the Strip. It was our second time there in two days yet we still cannot get enough of their exquisite Thai dishes. I especially love their Phad Thai even if there were bean sprouts all over it (I am notoriously known for not eating 'em). All the members of the Transportshow team were there in attendance including some of our race endorsers and models.

The icing on the cake was the night out I had with my girls. I haven't seen Aileen, Tin and Charo since January at our customary New Year's Eve gathering. I invited them to the show so they can watch the Goodyear Racing Fashion Show but they were a couple of hours late. Nevertheless, it was another fun night out with them. They went ahead of me to Arruba at Metrowalk since I have to attend to our team dinner. Binch dropped me off after a couple of hours and bid me well to an enjoyable girls night-out.

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Tin, Charo, Aileen and Me @ Arruba

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Me and the Birthday Girl

Part of our celebration was dear Aileen's birthday - an event we never fail to celebrate each year. We were a couple of weeks delayed this year because of my numerous out-of-towns and work commitments and Charo's post-grad classes. After a set or two at high-endish Arruba, we went further north to Timog, QC to experience the total opposite of Arruba - the reggae-friendly and often talked-about Xaymaca! Yeah! Me at Xaymaca. Better believe it. It's definitely a big leap from my usual dinner-slash-movie-slash-coffee preference. We truly had a blast despite my obvious stressed/tired self. Going up north on a gimmick is truly fun. Let's do it again. Please lang wag Makati ha. Oh, please!

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Have to wear shades! Blame it to the blinding light from Aileen's Kodak! Whew!

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Reggaeing at Xaymaca!


They said that May 1 is Labor Day. Well, not in my office. I planned to sleep all day and just wake up in time to meet Binchy for dinner to discuss some stuff for Thursday. I checked my message mid-morning and got an SMS from our Financial Planning Manager asking me to submit the month-end April accrual for Advertising. Oh well. I thought I can submit it Tuesday. To make the long story short, I went to the office, played some numbers in the budget, missed my pedi appointment at Tips n' Toes, met with Binch at Gerry's ATC (we were supposed to eat at Conggo but I said that Westgate is such a "lonely" community and I will just get sad - go figure!), developed pictures from the Transportshow, failed to get a coveted book at Powerbooks, decided not to watch The Sentinel since we have to be early tomorrow, and went home with a new batch of work for this week. Oh well. Beats wallowing though. : )

One of the nightmares of the Transportshow event was the 3-day Mega Sale at SM Megamall. Traffic was monstrous and parking gave us such headache. I have to valet park my car thrice just to make it to the Megatrade Hall with my sanity intact. The only good thing about the sale? A 20% off book at Powerbooks, P95 smorgasbord merienda at Dad's, very nice flip-flops with dainty beads from Maphisto which I bought after killing 7-hours in my boots, and a well-deserved Aromatheraphy massage at the Aromatherapy Club before egress last night.

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