HAPPY 2007!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Whew! How long since the last update? Two months??? I've been a very very bad blogger. December has always been a heavy month for me. So many events to prepare, gifts to wrap and parties to attend to. That's basically my excuse. A lot happened to me. Good, bad, joyous, disappointments, stress, happiness, illness, good health, cool gadgets, vacations, non-stop-non-sleep work, etc, etc. How I wish I can write them all and share it with you. :) Well, I hope...in due time.

For the meantime, you may visit my other space in the 'net. Wherelse but at the picture-heavy (must for picture crazy people), music-heavy (nirvana for iPod junkies) MULTIPLY!

Here's my link: http://abbiereal.multiply.com

My latest picture uploads: snaps and shots from our great Baguio get-away, Jeff & Tine's Wedding, Dealer Conference and Bayani Ng Kalsada Awarding.

On the music front, I uploaded some Coldplay and some LSS I've been having in the last months. It's still a work in progress and I intend to upload more stuff. Of course my Multiply music section is aptly called 'abbielyrics.com' in honor of an old favorite joke. : )

Happy 2007! : )

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