Monday, November 06, 2006

I was doing my expense report for last week when my phone unexpectedly came to life at 12:37 am on a Saturday (Sunday midnight to be exact). I glanced at the caller ID and took a moment to think whether I will screen or answer. After a moment of hesitation, I picked up and decided that it's still better than filing my reimbursements.

Him: Hi, Abbie! How are you?
Me: Hello?? What did you say?
Him: I said how are you?
Me: Wow! How formal. I am fine, doing some work.
Him: So, how's everything?
Me: Okay lang naman. Busy as usual.
Him: Well, you're always busy. No time for everything
Me: Yeah, that's life.
Him: How's ______ (insert name of my ex)?
Me: I don't know. Fine, I guess.
Him: I am here in Cavite right now with _____, _____, and _____. (insert names of our officemates).
Me: Really? Sana lumabas na lang din ako.
Him: Yeah, you should have. I am so drunk!!!
Me: You guys better go home already if that's the case.
Him: We are all wasted. Of course si ________ (insert name of officemate who's dear to me) kanina pa knock-out, sobrang wasted.
Me: Talaga? So that's why. I texted him some work stuff and he did not answer.
Him: Oo 'no. For sure he will not text you because ________ (insert name of former girl officemate) is here. Okay nga sila eh. Seem to be doing well together.
Me: Hmmm. Okay.
Him: Grabe, Abs. I called because I need to tell you something. I am so drunk but I miss you so much. I truly miss you. I miss you so much.
Me: Hay naku. You better hang-up and go home.
Him: Really. I miss you so much! I love you, Abs. People kept on telling me to stop loving you but I cannot. Kahit abnormal ka I still love you. I don't care what they say.
Me: Yeah, abnormal ako kaya let's put the phone down. Let's talk tomorrow.
Him: No. I miss you talaga. You know your ex? He's BS! He did not give you time.
Me: Ooohhh, let's not get into that.
Him: Same way that you're not giving me time.
Me: Hay naku!
Him: And si ______ (insert name of officemate who's dear to me)...forget about him! He still has hang-ups on his ex. Plus there's _____ (name of former girl officemate).
Me: Yeah, yeah. Bye na!
Him: Abs, so many people love you but you don't give them time. You don't give them chances and you ignore them.

Then the line got cut. Whatever.

Whew! Drunken midnight calls...tsk, tsk, tsk. I cannot for the life of me explain how I feel about the call. Flattered? Yeah, in a very weird and tiny way. Disgusted? Yeah, definitely. Telling me emo stuff while drunk is one thing but bashing my ex is definitely out of line. Play fair, damnit!

I conversed with four guy friends on loving a woman this week. They have different stories but they've all been experiencing hurts caused by a love for a woman. It's worth blogging about. Think of it as a delayed blog Halloween special. Hehe!

Guy A met an extraordinary girl that he considered as 'the one' but decided to leave and let her go because of some major disappointments on her personality that are non-negotiables. Guy A is still hurting and reminiscing despite the many months that have gone by. He's trying to date but still couldn't forget the girl. I thought everything is already well until he confessed in one of our coffee sessions that the girl truly broke and damaged him. That's when I realized that he's still not over her. He's trying to drown himself with work but vowed to give time to a new hobby just to cope and forget. He said that Christmas this year is useless unless there are big bonuses on the way. Who I am to this guy? His old friend who became an unexpected confidante who's fast becoming his best gal pal.

Guy B is a serial dater who unexpectedly fell in love without meaning to. However, he sensed that the girl is taking him for a ride and dared her to cool down things. She unexpectedly took the bait and agreed to it. Guy B is now distraught and unbelievably hurt. He doesn't want to talk about it but his late hours SMS became annoying so I decided to give him my precious time and listen intently while I compute for our calendar earnings this year. He decided to let her go but on a vengeful way. His grand plan is to stay with her until she falls then leave her. I told her that he would not succeed (despite his past love-her-leave-her reputation) since he is now too emotionally attached to her. He's busy on his business that might make him a tycoon just to cope and forget. Christmas this year is surely mellow for him despite the mega-bucks that he's earning both from his income and business. Who I am to this guy? His only best girl friend. Ever.

Guy C doesn't usually give himself because of some unforgotten hurt from years back. The girl she fell in love with has 'wrong timing' written all over her. Unfortunately, everything in this world is timing and the confusing world where the girl resides in has wrong timing all around it. She wants him on her life but so is the next guy. She doesn't want him out of her life but there is no clear indication that she wants him on it either. Guy C decided to say goodbye and let her go just to save himself for more hurts. Unfortunately, goodbyes are always long processes from him. Everyday is a struggle within. He's a survivor but he also got issues on flying and falling. His unexpected phone calls are always welcome despite our colorful past and my uber-busy schedule. He got great dreams for himself, which he's planning and pushing for just to escape, cope and forget. Christmas this year is a deadline - better pull himself together before Silver Bells and Jingle Bell Rock dominate the airwaves. Or else "Pasko Na, Sinta Ko" will be the official theme of the Yuletide. Who I am to this guy? His heaven-sent band-aid.

Guy D loves someone in a very weird but passionate way. The girl doesn't give her any time but seemed have time for everybody and anything but him. She's brokenhearted and still healing from a relationship that has gone sour. She's a hard shell to break and needs to be swept to fall. He decided to let her go and start anew. He even broke his engagement with his fiancee to start a new beginning, forget the other girl, and find someone else. Guy C is so persistent that he even succumbs to name-calling and blackballing the ex and other guys being paired to the girl. He became so annoying that I don't want to talk to him and hear about his inconsistencies. Christmas this year will be an expensive one - according to him - he likes to brag and brag and brag. Who I am to this guy? See above drunken phone call conversation. I am me and he is him.

Oh, women...what have you done to these fine men? I used to think that men, in general, are the scums of the universe. I hate them and the way they make women fall without intending to catch them. But I realize that women are even worse. Women are supposed to be nice, loving, caring and forgiving. What happened? Guys A, B and C are my dear friends who doesn't deserve such treatment from the bitches they fell in love with. From someone who've been badly hurt and trampled on, I empathize with them - even if they are whiny and bordering annoying at times (kidding!). It's so easy to hate men who broke our hearts but it's so disheartening to hate women who act like unforgiving men - especially if I am turning into one of those bitches (take note: "turning" is the operative word). That's the bad thing about double standards. Men who break hearts are easily forgiven but women who do are scorned and looked down upon. What the heck happened to sugar and spice and everything nice? I hate women! I hate women who break my friends' hearts! I even hate myself for not making one's heart whole!

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