Sunday, August 19, 2007

I love rainy weather! I love the big and fat droplets! I love the rain! There is always a certain calm and solitude that weather like this brings me. Even my personal style is more attuned in the cold climate rather in the summer. I have a closet filled with black tops and coats here and there which is just perfect for rainy weather or cold nights.

The downside? Well, the maddening typhoon called 'Egay' left major parts of Metro Manila submerged in floods for days which made traveling and getting to appointments on time uber-hard. I was stuck in traffic for 2 to 3 hours last Thursday and Friday because of it!

Buendia Intersection

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Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Intersection Last Wednesday Morning

Since it was stormy and floody (is there such word?) last week, it prompted schools to be called off for three days and for offices to ask their employees for early dismissals. Ironically, my emotions were also in tune with the weather since I was having post-birthday blues the whole week and was kindda in melancholic and sentimental mode.

Speaking of birthdays, I had plenty of belated birthday well-wishers and even a couple of gifts which I got from the mail. What else but my two uber-gorgeous shoes from Schu which I bought on-line recently! Yay! Aren't they to die for? It's time for me to buy heels and pumps once again after practically living in Havaianas for almost two years. These beauties definitely made me forget a li'l bit of my dramas and emo stuff.

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Since this is a long weekend (for the commemoration of Ninoy Aquino's death), I was able to rest and watch to my heart's desire all the TV which I can put my hands on. I am re-watching the First Season of Grey's Anatomy in anticipation for the Season Four Premiere on September 27. I can't wait for it! It has always been one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. I found some spoilers in various sites which I will post here soon.

Another show which is keeping me busy this weekend is Greek. I discovered the show while I was blog-hopping at Mindy's site a month ago. It's a story set in a fictional university, Cyprus-Rhodes, which follows the life and loves of two siblings, Casey and Rusty. Casey is the Uni's top sorority's "it" girl while Rusty is her geek Freshman brother who decided to rush into a fraternity. I am only on its 3rd episode and is planning to download via torrents the other episodes this week. Greek is a new dramedy offering from ABC Family which began airing just last July. It's now on its sixth episode. Other shows which I must catch up on are the remaining Season 1 episodes of Brothers and Sisters and Ugly Betty. I hope I would be able to finish them all in time for their respective premieres this Fall.

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