Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Got this funny "crush" meme from my niece/goddaughter, Kiara. It's really cute and child-like. It's a welcome change from my emo posts. I just want to acknowledge that there's a *new* guy in my life. Technically he's not yet a "guy in my life" since I don't even know if he know I exist.

I've done a lot mopping and crying in the previous years for my ex and it's very refreshing to actually have someone new in my life. It's about time! This is a start. Horay for me! Whew!

So, please, let me indulge! :)

Is he your age? Hmmm, I dunno. I think either we are of the same age or I am older by a year.

Has he ever talked to you or about you positively? He said "hello" once and there were a lot of times when we greeted each other at the hallway.

Has he given you the "cute look?" Yeah, I think. There were a couple of incidents I can recall when he gave me THE look.

Has he asked for your number? Personally? Nope. But since I am using a Service Unit number, he can easily get it from anyone in the office. I got his from some internal advisory. Haha!

Does he constantly look at you? Constantly? I dunno. But I am sure that he did look once or twice or thrice...

Does he ask you to hug him throughout the day? Whaaat?! I'll get there! I'll get there!

When you walk up does he ignore you? Haven't had the chance (or the reason) to approach him. But, this evening, I was talking to one of our officemates and he went to the area where we were talking to talk to another officemate. He was just a couple of feet away from moi.

Do you often find yourself starting the coversation? No reason to talk to him...YET. Soon, soon. I think we are both involved in one of Marketing's upcoming projects. Saw his name in the e-mail loop of the project brief that was sent recently! Woohoo!

If you answered yes, did the conversation end quickly? I answered NO above.

Do you wish to have a "notebook" romance? Notebook as in The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks? Uhhh, nope. Albeit uber-romantic, "The Notebook" book/movie's leading lady had Alzheimer's. If "notebook" in the sense that it's bloggable and diary-worthy then YES.

Is the guy you like very smart? Well, he's from SMART so he must smart. I've always been a nerdy-guy-magnet so I guess HE HAS TO BE smart or else...

Is he rebellious? I don't think so. He's very dedicated and religious. (I can notice and observe these tidbits as early as now).

Have you ever asked the person you liked out? Nope, nope.

What did he say if he said anything at all? Not applicable...YET.

Has he ever generously complimented you? Nah...! He will once he get to know me!

Are you married to the one you like? Haha! I don't even know if he knows me!

Have you had a good dream about this person? Good question. I dream A LOT. A clear indication of my 'likeness' towards someone lies heavily on the 'dream indicator' factor.

Does he look at you like a friend? I hope NOT.

Does he come to you with advice? He'll probably ask me for loyalty programs and delight projects advice soon.

Has he ever called you? Nope.

Have you ever called him? Nope.

Is he on your MySpace of Friendster? He's not in Friendster or I did not search/look close enough. I rarely open MySpace.

Does he avoid you? I don't think so.

Is he shy? I can see that he doesn't have a shy personality.

Have your parents met him? Not...YET! Hah!

Can he make you laugh? He can make his teammates laugh. They are always on a laugh trip!

Is he bossy? I don't think so. I heard him talking to someone earlier and he seemed courteous.

Has he tried to kiss you? There will be chaos at the 16th floor if he will ever attempt. :)

This is so FUN! Try if you want! I miss the feeling of giddiness! Me having a crush is a national event! Be happy for me! :)

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