Sunday, September 30, 2007

Been hoping to blog about my latest beauty buys for the longest time. Here's what's keeping my face happy in the last few weeks. I am not really into make-up. I've been fortunately blessed with a proportioned nose, lips and eyes that doesn't need too much cover save for the occassional zits every now and then. But I am becoming a li'l bit girly recently so I decided to to update my stash with these:

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I bought the Shimmer Square in Cashmere Pink above from The Body Shop. It has four pallettes of velvety shimmering powder that can be used for eyes, cheeks or face. You can blend colors together with a brush to create highlighted cheeks and face, or use a blusher brush to apply just one color at a time as a blush. For eyes, use an eyeshadow brush to apply individual colors. Since it's shimmery and may be too much for everyday office use, I usually put on powder right after the blush application to lessen the shine.

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Make-up brushes are investments. This one from The Body Shop is really good in applying blush, bronzing, shimmering powder products and sculpting cheekbones. This is definitely a must for all blush-on-lovers. It can also be washed after prolong period of use.

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I also bought the Mini Brush Kit above to compliment my new Blusher. It's very portable and it has the mini-versions of the other make-up brushes from Body Shop. It has the Blusher Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Slanted Brush and Lipstick/Concealer Brush.

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Here's a product that came all the way from Korea. I am not much of a believer of Korean Beauty products but this one is really really good and refreshing. They are called masksheets and it has several variants depending on your beauty needs. I initially bought Collagen (for hydration) and Pearl (for clearer skin). Each is less than 100 bucks but has to be used 2-3x a week for effective results. Each product contains one sheet that you must put on for 15 to 20 minutes. I already tried Pearl and it was really refreshing. It also gave me glowing skin the morning after I tried it. It's from The Face Shop with branches in Glorietta, SM MOA, etc.

The best beauty find which I can probably share is Girl Talk. Girl Talk is the on-line community of Female Network (online site of Summit Publishing) which provide insights, reviews and suggestions for beauty, fashion and health woes. Been a member for the longest time but I don't have the time before to browse and post at their very good and informative topics. Answers to every girl's problems are all there! :).

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