Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's December and the holiday spirit is already in town!

This is my first holiday at Smart and it's sure is a great "holiday" so far! Christmas spirit truly abounds and almost everyone is in a good mood.

For starters, we already received our Christmas package and hams today! When I was still applying in SMART, my former classmate, Ferwee, who's already working at Smart at that time, told me that one of Smart's USP (unique selling proposition) are the four hams that each employee receives come Christmas. It's actually true! I went home tonight with 4 kilos of hams together with a roller bag full of Christmas goodies from chocolates to spaghetti sauce. Thank you, Smart!

Christmas Tree and SMART Roller Bag

The Famous Hams

Then we have our Christmas Decor contest per area on our floor. We really take special occasions like Halloween and Christmas seriously. Look what our group did in our area. It's very simple compared to other groups who outlandishly dressed-up their corners. Ours is comical and cute.

Hi, Crush!
Hi, Crush!

Christmas Class Picture

It's not only Smart who's geared up for the holidays. Our home is already spruced up for Christmas! I went home last night to a fully dressed-up living room and terrace with a gold theme. I am so OC with Christmas color themes. I always insist to stick to a specific color scheme and not to overdo it like a rainbow. Gold turned out really really nice.

Happy Holidays!

Lastly, I already started my Christmas shopping. Yey! I usually panic buy on the last two weeks before Christmas but I unexpectedly and surprisingly started early this year. I went to Greenhills the other night for an event and I ended buying a lot of stuff from V Mall. I also went to the Night Market and to the usual tiangges but it was awfully crowded so I went to the mall instead. Best to shop is during weekdays at the last two hours before closing or at the first two hours in the morning. I have fourteen Godchildren (plus several nieces and nephews) and I am proud to say that I am already halfway through my list. I bought the usual assortment of toy cars and Barbies.

The only downside of December? What else but traffic! The nightmare already started. Goodluck to all of us!

Enjoy the holiday cheer!

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  1. love the lites!!

  2. Hey, are you already HERE? Someone texted me tonight asking if he/she can chat with me via YM. Is that you? :)

  3. Hey is that Chelo Carlos in your office Christmas deco? She's a classmate of mine from college.

    BTW, I leave friday for Italy. So before I get caught up in packing like crazy, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  4. Hey, Jing! That's indeed Chelo! She's my officemate. UP pala sya? Small world! Marj Palmares is also one of my colleagues.


    ITALY? W-O-W!!! Take lots and lots and lots of pictures. I am SO envious. I will not die without seeing it.

  5. Oh no. We're both Archers.

    Yep, you bet 'll put my Nikon to work. :) Enjoy the holidays

  6. Oh, yeah! You're from La Salle nga pala. Sorry! :)

    Have a nice Italian vacation!


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