Friday, December 28, 2007

Our dear R25 and Patty finally tied the knot last December 22, Saturday at One Roxas Triangle in Makati City. Raymond and Patty is another product of “Honda Love”. It's in my favorite ex-company where they met, argued (a lot!), became friends and eventually partners. They’ve been my friends since their early days as a couple and it was such a privilege to finally see them seal the deal after five years of being together.

Raymond and Patty

The wedding fittingly describe and represent their personalities – intimate and quiet. It was such a joyous private affair with only their closest friends and relatives present. We Honda people also had some roles in wedding, I hosted the dinner reception together with Raymond’s sister, Zennia, while Bim is the Bestman of the Groom (who actually gave a very nice wedding toast that wife Olen will be proud of) . Too bad that only a few from us were able to attend since the wedding coincided with Honda’s company wide Christmas party.

The Cake and the Calla Lilies.
I love shots like this!

The Bride and I

Honda Guests: Van, Gina, Bim and Lee

Best Wishes, R2 and Pats!

More pictures here.

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