Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I even wrote a couple of post on it and its housemates in the past. When the new celebrity edition was announced, I made sure that I was free on the scheduled showing of its grand Opening Night back in October.


It was my utter surprise and disbelief when I figured out that one of the housemates due to enter the house is non other than Gaby Dela Merced! The advertisement teaser on her (dubbed as the Racing Godeess) was fool-proof! After all, who else is the most popular female racer here in the Philippines? I immediately sent an SMS to Mikko, a good friend and Gaby’s former handler, to ask if Gaby is indeed entering the big yellow house, he answered yes and said that he only learned it the previous Thursday when the PBB staff fetched Gaby. I was surprise and excited at the same time! I texted my friends, former officemates and former suppliers about Gaby’s entry to PBB. I still cannot believe that Gaby’s entering since she’s always been a private person.

I’ve known Gaby for a long time. It was Mikko who first introduced us when I was still working at Honda. She’s still starting her racing career then and Mikko was one of her first racing partners. I even remember seeing her in one of those long endurance races at Subic that last for hours and hours without a mere break.

Gaby and I at Goodyear's Dealer Conference

I was able to work more with Gaby when I transferred in Goodyear in 2005. Gaby is one of Goodyear endorsers together with the other popular racers here in the Philippines. She’s always been our popular endorser. She’s the most sought after, the most requested to attend in our events and activities, and definitely the most photographed. Even our foreign bosses are totally enamored with her. Gaby has always been very kind and accommodating. She’s unassuming and simple. She’s one of those few people I know whom you will not notice at first but will eventually leave a definite mark once you get to know her.

With Goodyear friends and endorsers

One of the most memorable events I had with her was our trip to Naga during the Penafrancia Festival two Septembers ago. Gaby shared some defensive driving tips with the car show attendees and signed hundreds of copies of Hotwire Magazine where she was featured at the back cover. We also held a press conference about the event but most of the questions were directed to her rather in our products and services. Gaby did all of these without a mere complain. That’s how great she is!

Gaby signing gazillion autographs!

I am very proud of her and the way she’s handling herself at the very crazy and emotion-filled Pinoy Big Brother house. She started simply and mostly stayed at the background during the first few weeks. She let other flamboyant housemates like Ethel, Mariel, Baron and Jen to steal the show. But Gaby being Gaby, she slowly (but surely) made her presence felt through her good natured ways and perseverance inside the house. She was active in their weekly tasks, she gave sound advices and moral support to her housemates, and she stood by her principle every step in the way. She’s astig! She rocks! A lot were truly inspired by her actions so it’s no wonder that there are gazillion Gabsters (Gaby’s fans and friends) in the world right now.

There may be other housemates who’s deserving of the prize money like Ruben but the TITLE of the BIG WINNER should undoubtedly belong to Gaby. She’s one person in the house who is very passionate on everything she cares for and who will not think twice in helping a friend in need. Just think of what she did to Yayo and all the neat selfless things she did while inside the house. Gaby has a genuine heart full of generosity and kindness but with a strong and tough exterior that will make one proud. Gaby is our Big Winner. She should be THE Big Winner.


To vote for Gaby, text BB GABY and send it to 231 for SMART, Talk N' Text subscribers and to 2331 for Globe, TM and Bayan Wireless Landline subscribers.

For international voters, you can purchase your e-pins at Digital Martian and and then proceed to the PBB Voting Page.

More Gaby pictures here.

[Photo credits to Solmux of Pinoy Exchange and Richie Castro.]

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