Friday, April 18, 2008

This is a delayed post. I was supposed to post this after watching the Mariah Carey night of American Idol last Tuesday (Wednesday evening re-run here in the Philippines) but stuff for work came first. I am really really happy that KLC finally got the boot. I was in a meeting when I got the news from Jang via SMS. Finally!

Anyway, here's my take on the Mariah Carey Week and the Top 7's performances. This was written evening of April 16, Manila Time.


I am supposed to be working on some proposals and communication plans for work but here I am blogging. I am actually multi-tasking. I am working, surfing the Internet and watching American Idol all at the same time.

I’ve been excitedly waiting for the Mariah Carey Week for days so I might as well blog about my thoughts on the actual outcome of the show and my take on it.

On Mariah

I am not really a fan of Mariah but I have some of her songs in my iPod. I like some of her songs and I hate some of them. But I am really looking forward for tonight's show since I am familiar with most of her music. Mariah was actually a good mentor for the Idols unlike Dolly Parton who complimented all performers and never said a bad thing on anyone. Mariah actually suggested some stuff to them on how they can perform better. I am actually impressed by Mariah’s “achievement” which I did not know until now. I am surprised to learn that she surpassed Elvis Presley in having the most #1 hits in the charts.

On The Outfit & The Styling
The girls all looked nice! It’s nice to see them all dolled up for a Diva’s night. Everyone's in dress and had good styling! Kristy Lee Cook was uber-beautiful and she can already start appearing in cover pages of magazines because of her stunning good looks.

On The Idols
I think that they all did well but of course the performance that stood-out was David Cook’s version of “Always Be My Baby”. I got a lot of SMS from my friends and family all gushing on his original rendition and arrangement of one of my favorite Mariah songs. The tears at the end of his performance and the back story on his brother’s AI visit will surely convince America that he’s truly destined to be on the top.

David Archuleta’s performance of “If I Believe” was also good but I’ve expected an "emo ballad" from him so no surprises here. His Archy Angels will make sure that he will be saved week after week until the finals. His child-like charms and his great vocals (whatever his song choice may be) is a guarantee of making it. I am not a big fan though.

I bet it's going to be David vs. David in the finals...and my money is on Cook. Archy is one-dimensional while Cookie is exciting!

Jason’s all good this week. Not too great but not too blah. It’s not as good as his “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” last week. He’s one of the underdogs but I hope that he would be able to pull through until Top 4 or 5.

The girls’ performances were quite forgettable. I really don’t like Brooke’s unplugged version of “Hero”, which I believe is one of Mariah’s hard-hitting-high-notes signature songs. It was a real letdown compared to the Carey original. But Brooke has always been the nice and genuine girl of the show so her personality might save her. I cannot forget the look on her face when Simon told her his “hamburger and bun” analogy on her performance. Priceless!

Syesha was good but she’s not a very popular Idol (ever since!) so it might be “stool time” again for her despite the glowing remarks of the judges of her "Vanishing" rendition.

Kristy Lee Cook was actually good *groan* (she sang "Forever") but I still don’t like her singing and I want her to go home! She’s getting better lately but I don’t think that she deserves where she is now. She’s better suited in the movies, modelling or something. Hah! To quote my friend Jang: “KLC got nine lives!.”

I am really really really afraid for Carly for she might be sent home tomorrow. Her performance was okay but she could have done better. Simon and the others really have high expectations and they think that she’s not delivering too much. I was actually surprised that “Without You” was sang/covered by Mariah. I am more familiar with the original male version of the song.

Who I want to be at the bottom three: Kristy, Syesha, Brooke
Who I think will be at the bottom three: Syesha, Brooke, Carly

Who I want to go: Syesha or Kristy
Who I think will go: Syesha or Carly

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  1. Just when she was getting really good...she got the boot. too bad. On a lighter note, she announced at american idol extra(which immediately follows the show), that she got engaged! so something to celebrate for her.

  2. Yeah, another surprise elimination at Idol. :) I actually hate just her singing but she's generally nice. Heard about that engagement, too.

    Bet she will be appearing in dozens of magazine covers! hah!

  3. Mariah is a certified diva!! I love all her songs! =P

  4. after the mariah night, i officially have a crush on david cook =) the word nerd has been kicking ass these last few AI eps and the makeover/haircut improved his looks (and hid his huge forehead!). i didn't know the back story about his brother's visit... what happened?

    i agree, david archuleta is one-dimensional. he's lost his mojo but he's still an adorable kid :)

    i like watching jason castro although he's got hits and misses. brooke's "hero" sounded hurried. she lost her charm there :(

  5. Hey, Mitz! Heard a couple of songs in her new album E=MC2. Hmmmm...another album hity for the diva! :) Met her before when she had a concert here. Haha! Alam nyo yon?

    Hey, Birthday Girl! How are you? Can I just say AKO DIN??? Naku, Cook is so adorable lately! Agree on the plus pogi points because of the make-over. Diba even si Jako may man crush sa kanya? Haha!

    Have you seen the last elimination ep? When someone asked via phone-in if he's single? Awww! So so adorable when he answered! (Charo, sali na kami nsa David Cook Fans Club!) Haha!

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