Saturday, May 03, 2008

While most people I know are buying the latest and fastest laptops, I've gone old school and bought a new monitor for my four year old PC. The last one I had broke almost a year ago but I delayed buying a new one since the flicker problem was then tolerable and I have my work laptop anyway.

I was blog-hopping the other day when the monitor almost "died" on me. The resolution went from orange to dark green to super super dark green so I decided then and there that it is high-time to buy a new one. I've been canvassing since last year and I am happy that the monitor prices went down since last I checked (thanks to all the people who are shifting to laptops!).

To cut the story short, here's my new kick-ass 17" LCD Flat Screen Monitor from Samsung:


I was supposed to buy the 19" one but it turned out too bright and wide for me so I stuck with the 17" like my old CRT monitor. I am so so so happy with my new toy. It has MagicBright setting where you can control the resolutions depending on what you are doing (gaming, Internet, text, etc.) and the controls are all touch screen-enabled. The product name and code is Samsung SyncMaster 743NX in case you are interested.

My laptop is okay and is always reliable especially if I am mobile but its mainly for work and serious stuff. My desktop PC is where I stash "my life". It's where I store my numerous photos, gazillion iTunes songs, my thoughts in paper and where I can do all these neat blogging and graphic stuff. I've always been a desktop PC person and even if I'll buy and get a MacBook (hah!), I know that I will always keep my 'almost wireless' PC and it's glossy sexy monitor. :)

Can someone please help me fix my blog page? Since I am using 1280 x 1024 resolution now, the display I see on my blog is quite uneven because I made it on a different monitor resolution. Can someone teach me how to make it "universal" and centered? Thanks!

*Imagine A Magnificent View is Samsung's tagline for their AV products.

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  1. Bought the thing a few hours ago and already you have a lightning review? Kudos!

    Use percent (%), center, right, left, etc. to align and arrange the stuff on your blog to make it "universal." Maybe you're currently using pixels to tell browsers the width of your sidebar, main-wrapper, etc.


    main-wrapper {
    width: 1000px;

    instead of

    main-wrapper {
    width: 60%;

    I use the pixels, though, and just try to make the things smaller so that it fits well even in small screens.

    Hope that helps. :)

  2. Wow, wow! Thanks, David! Will try it now.

  3. hey don't mention it. Added u to my blogroll btw. :)

  4. hey, how much is it? my kuya's thinking of buying a new monitor too!

  5. David: Thanks, thanks! I am now having difficulties in loading games. Either its the monitor or my video card.

    Tin: Got it from Asianic, 8,800. They have it also in Silicon Valley, 8,900, 0% interest for 6 mos. I saw it AFTER I paid Asianic via regular deferred. :( The 19" is just 1K more so you might want to consider on upgrading. It's just too wide and bright and I prefer the 17" output better.


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