Thursday, May 01, 2008

It may be "Bye Bye Brooke" but this week's American Idol was centered on Paula Abdul's major booboo last Tuesday night! Yeah, we know that she's a little dim at times and is a rumored alcoholic with her Coke glass containing scotch, but I never expected that she will be this careless. People are now accusing American Idol to be rigged and scripted because of her flub.

American Idol Season 7 - Top 5

The Story
The Top 5 American Idols were asked to sing twice at the Neil Diamond week last Tuesday. The new set-up was the judges' critique will come collectively after the second song instead of their usual after each song.

So the Idols all sang their songs with Jason as the first singer and Syesha at the Pimp Spot. After Syesha's "Hello Again" (which I think was good), Ryan Seacrest called everyone on stage and asked the judges to quickly say what they think of the first round of performance. Randy said his piece first which were all quick one-liners. When it was Paula's time, she immediately complained that it was not easy since they now have to write their comments which they never had before. She started reading her notes on Jason Castro's first song, "Forever in Blue Jeans", saying that it's not good blah, blah THEN SHE STARTED COMMENTING ON HIS SECOND SONG WHICH HAVE NOT BEEN PERFORMED YET. All the people were shocked and you can see Simon rolling his eyes! So what happened? Is the show scripted all this time? Ryan, Simon and Randy had to pitch in and cover for her mistake with excuses! Terrible, terrible mistake! Her alibi? She was reading David Cook's critique and mistook it for Jason's 2nd song!

Watch it all here.

American Idol had to do damage control so they asked Ryan to interview Paula and explain on his radio show yesterday morning before the elimination night. She said that there were some mix-up and she saw Jason's dress rehearsal for his second song, "September Morn'" thus she had notes for it. Whatever. Aren't they suppose to judge the actual live performance and not anything else? Hear the interview through Click here to be redirected.

Oh well. There goes the "reality" on these reality shows! It reminded me of the result of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2! Hah!

As for the Idols, it seems that Simon is right when he said that Syesha is the dark horse of this competition. Her performances last night were good and she was way better than David Archuleta who had several vocal and pitch problems on his two songs. David Cook was amazing as usual and Jason's fans are all making sure that he stays on the game (or was it coincidence that Paula's booboo was Jason's gain?). As for Brooke, well, she should have gone last week and not Carly. I love her better than Syesha but the eliminations are getting weirder and weirder each week. Up next week is Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Night. A pretty biased theme, huh?

Check out my Carly Page and David Cook Page at Multiply which contains all of their AI studio tracks.

Credits to greateggs for the video and to, your best Idol resource.

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  1. hey thanks for video....i wanted to watch it....and my god...wht a big blunder she she is really such a .... dunno wht to say....she is so irrelevant in this

  2. Your welcome, Gayathri! :)

  3. Nice blog.. The site also sends free sms in the Philippines

  4. damn! i missed this when i was in singapore coz -- would you believe it -- carlton hotel doesn't have star world! and the funny thing is, my el cheapo hotel during my last day in singapore had star world! too late the hero!

  5. That's funny. :) Wow, Carlton? They are known for their superb customer service. "Idol" namin sila. Really.

    It was such a booboo. The Internet and blogs were all over it. Ryan again defended Paula on the elimination night and said that the rumors ain't true (whatever those are). Hehe.


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