Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So the rumors are TRUE.

Steve Jobs announced today at exactly 11:32 AM, Pacific Standard Time, at the Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) the first phone to beat the iPhone! What else but the long-anticipated and rumored iPhone 3G!

I am not really an Apple fan and I did not intend to be up at 2:00 am, Philippine Time, just to hear live what fancy stuff Steve is going to announce and launch. But my body clock is screwed once more and my sleeping habit is a total wreck thus I "witnessed live" the launch of the world's most functional, network-friendly and fanciest phone. Thanks a lot to CrunchGear, Twitter and CNET for the live blogs and twits.


Here are some of the stuff about the iPhone 3G which I gathered in the last 30 minutes. Credits again to the above-mentioned sites.

> It's going to be thinner at the edges, with a black plastic back, and metal buttons on the side. It's has the same screen, with a camera, a flush-headphone jack, and improved audio.

> Steve compared the downloading time of 3G and EDGE with The National Geographic's home page. The download with 3G is 21 seconds and EDGE took 59 seconds (but we Filipinos all know this, right?).

> Jobs also compared the iPhone 3G to the Nokia N95 and Treo 750 and of course, iPhone was faster. He also said that the iPhone 3G will have 300 hours of standby time, improved from 8 hours to 10 hours on 2G talk time, and he quoted 5 hours of 3G talk time. Browsing should give 5-6 hours, video 7 hours, and audio 24 hours of continuous operation. It will also have GPS (poor, poor Nokia 95 - the most overrated Nokia phone in my opinion).

> iPhone 3G will be all over the world! It will be sold in 73 countries including THE PHILIPPINES! It's already listed in the iPhone 3G Coming Soon page! This also confirms Globe and Singtel's announcement weeks ago.

View the list and announcement here and here.


> Twenty-five countries will get the iPhone 3G first and they will all get it at the same time on July 11, Friday. Unfortunately, Philippines is not one of them. Launch here is still to be announced.

> iPhone 3G 8GB will be sold at $199 (Php 8,782) in the United States. Wow! Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Pedro and Juan can have one. So so cheap! Some Nokia basic 2G phones are even more expensive than that.

> The 16GB model will be $299 (Php 13,196) and that model will also be available in WHITE!

> The downside? It doesn't have a front camera like our Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung 3G phones. Meaning, no video calling. I also read in one update that there is no MMS facility. NOW that will be a problem. (Can someone confirm this?)

The launch of the iPhone 3G with el cheapo cost will make it more Philippine-friendly than ever (except if subscribers will NOT ignore the rumored no-MMS feature).

Now, where's the iTunes for Philippines, Steve?
Can you introduce iPhone 3G here without it? :) I don't think so.

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