Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I got a tag from Marj to make a post on 10 Random Things About Me. Unfortunately, I've already wrote about that one recently so I just decided to post a random thing about me that might surprise most of you.

I Googled my name earlier and found some "incriminating evidence" about me that might cost me my fantabulous job at TEH ONE. Is it a sex scandal video? Nah, too Paris Hilton. Is it a blog entry where I posted some juicy corporate news? Nope, too geeky for me. Think again.

It actually involved a contest where I became an accidental winner.

Note that this happened in November 2003 when I was still a staffer at Honda and far, far far away from where I am now. It was a time when I was still learning how to blog amidst my quarter-life crisis. Just want to point out that one in case my bosses read this. :)

Here's the article which I found here. Read on.


Funny, right?

Yep, I won some concert tickets and scored a meet & greet with Mariah from Globe on her Charmbracelet World Tour in 2003. How weird is that? I was actually just an "accidental winner" because I did not intentionally joined the contest. It was really the F4 songs I downloaded (can this post be more cheesy?) which made me a winner via Globe's electronic raffle. Should DTI be warned and involved on the screwed mechanics? Hah!

There's more.

Since I was not really a Mariah fan and not so into concerts, I gave my two (2) Gold tickets to my brother and sis-in-law. They watched and enjoyed the concert while I went to Shangri-La to meet and greet the diva.

I also remembered being interviewed but I cannot remember saying that Mariah's "a true vision of love" like what the article above said. I know myself well and I don't say stuff like that. I was misquoted by Globe for their PR cr*p! They did not even send our lone picture with Mariah like they promised! I only learned about it when it came out in the papers two months after the concert and friends SMSd me. One friend even sent me a scanned copy of the paper which I cannot find as of the moment.

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