Wednesday, August 06, 2008

August 22 is the release date of the much-awaited iPhone 3G in the Philippines. I am actually amazed that it only took less than 2 months for the Philippines to launch it from the US release date.

The announcement was made today through a special website and a press release. An on-line reservation page was even published by the network for eager buyers. BUT the celebration ends there. Prospective early adopters, gadget-lovers and Filipino techies had a collective heart attack when they learned the plan scheme and the obscenely expensive price tag of these babies!

iPhone 3G

It's a whooping Php 48,899 ($1,087) for the iPhone 16gb for prepaid and P22,300 ($496) for Plan 1599, which is the lowest plan for postpaid. All postpaid plans are also locked with the network for two years. So theoretically, subscribers will pay a total of Php 60,676 ($1,349) for the plan and the phone on top of the voice/data/SMS usage that they will accumulate and consume outside of the plan.

Notice that I don't have links? I am of course biased on this one so I will just let the raging community of Phillipine Twitterers do the talking - positive or otherwise.

I am just thankful that I won the Pond's Beauty Blog Contest and will be getting one for free as part of the prize. Never mind if it "might" be a first generation iPod and non-3G.

It will be unlocked immediately of course...for obvious reasons! :)

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  1. Awesome, congratulations! Let us know more about it when you get it. :)

  2. Sure, sure! Thanks, David!

    I wish I am getting an iPhone 3G and not an unlocked iphone first gen.

  3. Arvee here, hope you still rem me (babytumz fr tabulas). Congrats on winning an iPhone. I have and it rocks, with or without 3G. I got mine in the US last October for $419 only then had a friend unlock it here. Ang mahal naman pala ng iPhone dito. I'm not planning on getting an iPhone 3G na coz wala naman akong ka3G. hehe Nwei, just get yourself a back up fone. IPhone sucks when you have use it for texting. Lumabo na nga yata mata ko dun. minsan I get so frustrated I wanna hurl it to the wall! hehe Nwei, congrats again and happy birthday!


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