Sunday, December 07, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year is already here! The first week of December already gave me some Christmas joys and I cannot help but be merry and cheery about it. Our Christmas Package was already given (with the four hams), I already got some early gifts, I was able to watch Vince & Reese's Four Christmases with Tin, and the December breeze is here! Christmas is definitely just around the corner.

I've been nice this year so I prepared a Christmas Wish List. I've been wanting some of these for the longest time and I hope to get them before the year ends (though some I must say are bonus-dependent). So, benefactors, friends, and bosses who will decide the pay-out, please take pity on me and put the following under my tree. :)

1. Canon 1000D
My current point & shoot camera is giving me blah, blah, blah pictures in the last couple of months so I decided to look for a new one. I was actually set on buying the new Canon G10 but I learned that the Canon 1000D is just a couple of thousands more than the G10, so DSLR it is!

Canon 1000D

2. A Trip To Ilocos Norte
My good friend Tin wants us to celebrate her 30th either in Shanghai, Singapore or Puerto Princesa in Palawan. But due to the recession, busy Holiday schedule, overseas travel next year and the super peak season, we just decided to have another roadtrip to Ilocos. We've always wanted to go to Pagudpod and check out the Bangui Windmills so we hope that the trip will push through.


3. Linksys Wireless Router
This is more of a necessity than a luxury. We have to get this one ASAP to avoid further family squabbles over broadband connections.

Linksys Router

4. A Flickr Pro Account
Flickr is the BEST photo repository site in the World Wide Web. Period. I really need a pro account for all the neat pictures I will have from item #1.

5. L'Oreal True Match Minerals
I've been dying to have this since the glowing reviews I read some months ago. I'm just consuming some of my other stuff before buying a bottle. It promises a good, fine, matte finish. Definitely a must-try-must-buy!

L'Oreal True Match Minerals

6. The Tales of Beedle The Bard
A true Potter fan knows what's The Tales of Beedle The Bard is all about. It is supposed to be one of the "what's the fuss about?" books of 2008 (but no thanks to Breaking Dawn with Reneesme on it for beating it a hundredfold). Since this is not a truly legitimate Harry Potter book and it cost P650.00, I decided to be a cheapskate about it and will just wait for someone to gift me with it.

Tales of Beedle The Bard

7. Belle de Jour 2009 Power Planner
This is my planner choice for 2009. The Starbucks Planners are good and nice but everyone has one.

Belle de Jour

8. World Peace
Or in my world at least. :)

Credits to Tonie S. for the Pagudpod Beach photo above.

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  1. i saw a Belle de Jour 2009 Power Planner at some bookstore last week. it's lovely. :)

  2. Hey, Edel! Yeah, saw already a bunch at Powerbooks. Will buy one before the year ends. :)

  3. I want the Canon EOS too, the linksys router and the tales of beedle the bard! Hehe

  4. Wow! We have the same taste, Kenna! :)

  5. Hey,...nice to know you
    I came from Indonesia,..
    Link Exchange,.would you??
    Be my friend,..Ok??

  6. Me too....I want the Canon EOS too...its one of my wish this christmas....but sad to say...can't buy it...maybe next year....

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  7. Hi, save up for it! Really really worth it! :)

  8. I have been thinking of buying a good camera for myself this christmas and Canon is on top of the list. However, I very much doubt I can afford it:(


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