Sunday, February 01, 2009

I closed another busy week with a fabulous dinner last Friday with friends. I was all fired-up and inspired last week to work despite having to stay late at the office for several days. Everything is actually quite cool despite the new work, targets, and responsibilities that were given to me and my group last week. But work is not what this post is all about. I digress.

I met up with Olen and Dansel, my super girlfriends from Honda, for some bonding and heart-to-heart at Greenbelt last Friday. It's been quite a while since I last saw them. I wasn't able to attend our yearly Christmas/New Year gathering so I also brought with me my gifts for their daughters, Nicole and Bela, who are both my Godchildren.

Olen & Dans checking out Bela's pictures

The Girlfriends

I love these two women to bits. They were with me in some of my "development years" post-college. Olen and I used to share a condo before in Salcedo Village when I was still with Honda. She's one of those unfortunate people in the planet who knows me very well. Dansel was the late addition in our little group. Some common experiences and feelings in the past brought her to us to form a lifelong friendship. It was really nice seeing them both last Friday.

Now on to the food! We initially planned to dine at A Veneto, a favorite of Olen's, but it was so full that night thus we decided to look for another restaurant. It was good that we skipped A Veneto since I just dined there the previous Thursday with my geek boylets. We ended up at Teriyaki Boy in Glorietta for some appetizers and dinner at Greenbelt.

Teriyaki Boy used to be one of my favorite el cheapo Japanese places. My friend Tin and I dined there a few months back and I hated it since. There was something new, raw and weird on the dishes they served that night. I haven't been to TB since then until last Friday where we had California Maki and Ika Fry for appetizers which were fortunately not so bad that night.

California Maki
California Maki

Ika Fry
Ika Fry

Dans wanted to eat somewhere nice and quiet so we decided to check out the new restaurants in Greenbelt. We also wanted some salad, pasta and pizza so we eventually ended at Madison in Greenbelt 5. They had the usual Friday crowd so we dined al fresco.


Madison specializes on steaks and ribs but they also have pasta, salads and pizza. There was an enticing Wagyu Rib Eye on the menu but we decided to stick with greens and noodles. We shared a Crab Caesar Salad, Grilled Seafood Linguine and Meatball & Herbed Roasted Tomatoes. I love the seafood linguine but I admit that it's not too different from the other seafood pastas I've had before.

Crab Ceasar Salad
Crab Caesar Salad, Baby Romaine Hearts, Bacon & Boiled Egg

Seafood Linguine
Grilled Seafood Linguine, Tomato Vodka Sauce

Meatball Pizza
Artisan Pizza
Meatball and Herbed Roasted Tomatoes

I've been experimenting with a lot of restaurants and food lately (check out my previous posts) and it was mainly because of my new camera. My shots are improving but I will definitely try to schedule my photography class this February to have more post-worthy shots on this blog.

I wonder where we will eat next Friday. Any suggestions? :)

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  1. hey, red kimono! pero next sweldich na lang. hehe.

  2. The Friday after the next payday is February 13! :) So Valentine's dinner it is? We better get reservations.

  3. dont eat yet! i gotta take a picture!..hahaha...i know thats how it goes whenever we take pictures of our food. those food are looking good!

  4. Oh! I so agree! My friends are also used to the: "Don't eat yet because I have to take 100 photos of the food." :)

    Food photography is something I'd like to learn. Hope I can have time for it.


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