Saturday, February 07, 2009

Facebook is the new battleground for memes, surveys and quizzes. A certain meme is making the rounds among friends and I was tagged to do it by no less than 17 people. I finally succumbed to it tonight and answered it.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

1. I have a very long name, Anna Vida Theresa, and I love it. I hate it when people do shortcuts on it or omit one of the names in documents. I want it long and complete.

2. My mom told me recently (like a month ago) that I almost died when I was 7 months old. She said that I had non-stop diarrhea and they even had my IV on my infant head!

3. I am generally a nice person. I am also very optimistic. I am the epitome of sunshine!

4. My mother is the most important person in my life. Period.

5. I have a very weird personality. I am very extrovert, loud, and can talk non-stop for hours BUT I also enjoy being alone and just staying at home. I often prefer eating or watching movie alone. I definitely want to shop alone.

6. I am literally a "dreamer". I always have vivid dreams when sleeping.

7. I chose the right course in college. I know what's my calling even then.

8. I have gazillion friends and acquaintances but I learned in the last few years that quality is better than quantity. I am still friends with a lot of people but I hang-out with just a few.

9. My favorite time of the day is early evening. Creative thoughts and ideas usually kick in at 7:00 at night and it can last until 4:00 am. I am usually mentally "dead" in the morning!

10. My first love is reading. I read everything from carton boxes to hard-bound novels. One of my resolutions this year is to read more. Six months into the new year and I already finished The American Wife (Curtis Sittenfeld), Sisters (Danielle Steel) and I am currently reading Living History (HRC's autobiography).

11. I've been blogging since mid-2003. It was Aileen who influenced me and I plunged into it because I need an outlet for my then 'quarter-life crisis'. My entries evolved since then and gone now are the drama and love dilemma posts of my 20s. My posts now are happier but less personal.

12. I won in Pond's Age Miracle's 7-Days of Beauty blog writing contest last year. My prize? A 3G iPhone.

13. What to know what I'm up to at this very moment? Try Twitter.

14. I religiously download the following shows every Friday night for my weekend watch: Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Gossip Girl, Privileged, 90210 and American Idol. I am also watching old West Wing episodes via DVD.

15. I am very OC when using punctuation marks and small/upper cases/capital letters in writing. i hate seeing small letters in beginning letters in sentences like THIS sentence. I also hate seeing "I" in small letters.

16. Two of my ex-boyfriends got the same name. How weird is that?

17. I enjoy driving! After years of procrastination I finally learned how to drive in May 2005. My fastest driving speed is 140kph at The Skyway on my way to Makati; and my longest drive was 5 hours straight to Quezon then back to Laguna again for another 5 hours of drive (with only 3 hours of rest interval).

18. I've been wearing my hair long and straight (with the occasional layers) since 2001. I am not going back to short hair...ever!

19. I got myself a new toy last Christmas: a Canon DSLR. I'm fascinated with food photography and it's something I want to delve into. I am going to enroll myself in a Basic Photography class but I can't find time to do it at the moment.

20. My word of the year is "collaboration". Last year's was "project" and 2007's was "celebration".

21. I am a closet politics fan. I don't express my views and opinions often but I am fascinated to hear what others think. Politics is fun!

22. I am an information junkie and a history buff. I usually spend at least an hour a week reading Wikipedia or other information sites on random topics, policies, views, opinions, scorecards, statistics and articles. Last week's topic was the evolution and history of Roe v. Wade.

23. The last three weeks at work were super busy ones. A new job function that was given to me is making me anxious but excited. I am literally tired from working BUT I am not complaining and is actually grateful about it. I love my job! :)

24. The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Too bad I'm indifferent about love at the moment. Heh!

25. I am such a great believer of love and all the neat things it can do to people. I was fortunate that love found me in the least expected moment in my life. Unexpectedly love also went away and broke me into pieces. I've longed moved on from the pain and hurt and is cool about it. Despite everything I am still a big believer of love...I am just too damn scared to fall again.

Some of the items above were actually taken from the former memes I had before. I recycled some because thinking 25 random things about you in one go is a bit narcissistic for me. :)

Now it's YOUR turn! Tag, tag, tag to anyone who wants to do this!

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  1. u definitely chose the right course in college! galing galing eh. u think u chose the right school? i think so... :)

    bagay sayo long hair!

    sobra astig when you go to quiapo alone or anywhere in manila alone! takot ako don mag-commute eh. hehe. and i thought, i'm MATAPANG! haha

  2. Hey, Tin!

    I don't see myself anywhere but in the wonderful world of Marketing and Communications. Right school? Well, college was my most subdued moment. I often regret not going to big universities but AC was okay naman (a lot of prejudices nga lang when I got into the "real world").

    Yeah, you're one of the few people in my life NOW who endured seeing me in short hairs. Eww!

    Haha! Saya sa old Manila! :) Very very old fashioned. Plus nandoon ang mga mura --- Divisoria, camera, etc.

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