Thursday, April 16, 2009

Matt Giraud Was Saved!American Idol's Judges' Save was finally used this week...and I am NOT thrilled about it!

The favorite person to go home this week was Lil Rounds. I've never been fond of Lil and I've been waiting for her boot since last week. But there's a long-lived tradition in the American Idol World about "The Diva That Lives Forever" (case in point: Syesha Mercado) so it's not really a surprise that she is still there. Her vocals are great but she's been sucking with wrong song choices week after week thus the whole world is asking WHAT is she still doing at Idol. Her elimination became more evident last night when she persistently talked back to Simon after he gave her another bad critique for her Bette Midler cover.

And THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, was one of the reasons why Matt Giraud was SAVED tonight from elimination!

Confused? It's actually very simple.

They said that the "save" was reserved and created for the "Three Anointed Ones" - Adam, Danny and Lil. Since the judges can only use the save once before the Top Five - and there's no doubt that Adam and Danny will be on the Top 5 - then the save looks like it will be put into use for Lil. Unfortunately, Lil proved last night that she's not worthy of the Top Five (more so the Finale).

With two weeks to go before the expiration of the "Judges' Save" they have no choice but give it to Matt who's probably the "next better" after Lil Rounds. They surely don't want to give it to Anoop - who will most likely get the cut next week together with Lil (or even Matt - depends if America is mad about the save tonight).

Kris and Allison are also shoo-ins for the Top Five EXCEPT if they will under-perform next week so the save is not really an option for them.

I am not really pissed because Matt was saved (even if I don't like him) but I am pissed about the whole new ruling of the Judges' Save!

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