Sunday, May 16, 2010

As a break from all the election talks and to celebrate a very tiring but fulfilling week at work, the boyfriend and I went to The Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 event of one of our favorite blogs, Our Awesome Planet. The event, on its 4th offering, was a gathering of the foodie community and up-and-coming food suppliers and their 'winning' dishes.

There were more than 50 food suppliers who gave portions and samples to the hundreds of foodies who attended. The foodies in return served as amateur "food critiques" for the night and rated the dishes. Food suppliers who will get high ratings will be featured in Anton's Our Awesome Planet blog.

The event started at 7:00 pm and it ended 10:00 pm. Though we were prompt, the registration lines at NBC Tent were already long when we arrived. It reminded me of the long election queue we had just last Monday.

Election-like Lines at UTT 4.0

The event is actually a very good venue to discover good and affordable food and restaurants in Manila. We only paid P200 ($4.43) each and we were able to taste and experience more than 20 different food choices and variants. It was truly a money well spent. We were stuffed from all the appetizers, main courses and desserts we had.

It's the ultimate cookfest, too!
It was also the Ultimate Cookfest!

We were given boxed trays and rating sheets at the registration and I forgot to take photos after that. :) How can you shoot pictures in front of all those delectable dishes anyway? We started with some chips & dips from Chile Vitas and sushi from Sakae Sushi; then we attacked the main courses. Our favorites were Lattize's Lengua Sulipena and Corned Beef, Dulcelin Gourmet's Angus Short Rib Steak, Pepetons Grill's Bundok Rice and Pellegrino's Roasted Chicken.

One of the best we had was the Angus Beef Tapa of JAM Foods. Looks like they are very new in the business since I cannot get any information about them via Google. I am hoping that Anton would blog about them soon. I can't wait to give my dad and bro some of those marinated uncooked tapas.

[Update: Michelle of JAM Foods left a message on my comment box. She said that we can order the Angus Beef Tapa through the following contact numbers: 02-5025282, 0917- 5331371 and 0922-8505658. She also said that we can order through their various distributors. You can give them a call to know the nearest in your area.]

Week 19: Angus Tapa FTW!
Chef of JAM Foods who offered samples of their Angus Tapa

I ended the food binge tasting with Swirls Frozen Kefir which you can only find in Boracay. The kefir is different from frozen yogurt - said to be healthier - but it tasted like it anyway. I heard that they will have a branch at SM Megamall soon.

Scene at the UTT 4.0
Men, women & kids lined-up for a taste!

Witt's Scoring
Witt giving out scores & food ratings

It was a very good event. I am amazed at the fans and following of Our Awesome Planet. I can't wait for the next Ultimate Taste Test events in August and November. Hoping that we can bring the gang with us the next time.

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  1. I look like I just woke up from eating in this photo :)

  2. Hahaha! :) I am still dreaming about these food.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. hi! thank you for the very nice review on our product.

    you and your followers may order from us directly (02 5025282; 0917 5331371; 09228505658) or through our distributors.

    we welcome distributors as well.

    thank you. =)

  5. Wow! Thanks, Michelle! Good that you posted the numbers. I'll update my blog post with it. :)

  6. Hi Abbie, this is Abbie also of Pellegrino's Roasted Chicken. Just saw your blog through Thank you very much for your kind comment about our product-for making it to your favorite list =) We are very thrilled that you liked it! Thanks again!

  7. Hello, Pellegrino! Thanks for the comment. I really love your Bundok Rice. It was a welcome offer amidst the sweets and sauces at the Ultimate Taste Test 4. Looking forward to trying out your other dishes. :)


  8. hi ms abbie,
    pellegrino's here again. would just like to clarify that we served our best seller - roasted chicken in the event. maybe you got us confused with the bundok rice? T_T its okay hehehe

  9. Hello! I'm so so sorry. I got confused. Of course it's the roasted chicken. We love it. Do you have some numbers or website so I can link here in my blog? :) Thanks!

  10. Thank you =D can contact us po at 556-9526 or 0922-8111283. we also have a facebook fan page, please do look for us there and add us =)

    hope you can help us promote our products hehehe so that we can reach more people. our shop is located at 5080C filmore st. palanan makati city. we have a map here-
    this july, we are opening a satellite branch in LKG tower in ayala makati at the food parks food court =)

  11. That's great! I often dine at Food Odyssey at LKG Tower! When are you opening? I will surely dine there when you open.

    Maybe I can blog about it, too. :)

  12. yey! that's great! our target opening is somewhere mid july. currently our dessert is already operational there- FIC scooping station. by mid july, we will fuse the 2 =)

    thanks in advance and i hope you enjoy dining at LKG as much as the UTT also hehe


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