Saturday, July 10, 2010

A lot of people ask what is the camera I use for this blog. Its actually just a simple DSLR entry-level Canon EOS 1000D (or otherwise known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS in the United States). I bought it in December 2008 as a well-deserved Christmas gift to myself.

Canon EOS 1000D

I'm not really into the whole photography thing as others perceived. Not all DSLR owners are, actually. I bought a nice camera because I just want to have more-than-average-looking photos on my blogs,  Social Networking Sites and scrapbooks. Photography is just one of my many interests, but not one  of my hobbies. :) A cousin even told me that I use my DSLR like I use a regular point and shoot digicam; since I don't maximize the full potential of the manual settings.

When I was about to buy my Canon camera in 2008, a lot of my friends and colleagues are convincing me to get a Nikon instead. They said that it would be easier for me to borrow lenses and other camera accessories since most of them are Nikon owners.  I still chose Canon over Nikon primarily because of the picture and color resolution it gives. I find Nikon shots too bright and overly saturated compared to the more subdued Canon photos. Some may argue that this can be adjusted through the settings or even Photoshop, but I still find the photos too striking for my taste. Plus, I've always been loyal to Canon cameras so it was really a no-brainer and a non-choice. My first digital camera was a Canon Digital IXUS 60 (Canon Powershot SD600) and I loved it so much until it expired after years of everyday use. It indeed served me well.

Here are some of my favorite Boracay photos using a Canon EOS 1000D with 18-55mm lens:

Boracay Lantern
Boracay Lantern Along Station 2

Boracay Boats
Boracay Boats On Break

Aria's Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino
Aria's Aglio, Olio, e Peperoncino from Aria Boracay

Next on the agenda is to save for a new Canon macro lens.  I'm really fascinated with food styling & photography and it's something I want to learn more about. I've been practicing, eating out a lot lately  (yikes!), and even started a new blog so I can document all the food photo adventures. Let's see how it will go.

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  1. I have the same cam! :) I chose it as my Christmas gift last year from the husbo. I find it awkward when people say I'm a "photographer" because I have a DSLR. I only wanted one for the same reasons as you and my Canon 1000D's perfect for me.

    I'm saving up for a really good "everyday" lens now. Hope we both get the lenses we want soon. :)

  2. Hello, Candy! Yeah, I know how you feel. Let's start a Facebook Page: "I own a DSLR but I am not a Pro". Hehe! We want decent non-shaky photos, that's it. Hehe! :)

    Agree with you. Lenses are the answers. The 50mm for the food photography is so expensive. A colleague told me to look for a non-Canon/generic lens - cheaper but still the same.

  3. Nice shots you have here! I chose to use a point & shoot camera because DSLR are so heavy =). I've been loyal to Canon cameras until Panasonic LX3 came.

  4. Hi, Badet!

    That's also my dilemma. Though it produces good photos, DSLRs are so heavy and impractical to use at times. Saw the pics at your blog and they are good, too. And I heard so many neat things about the LX3. :)

  5. i'm a canon user as well and like you i love their image quality more and they are user-friendly compare to nikon.

    nice photos! :)

  6. Hi, Ibyang! Thanks, thanks. There's something about Nikon that I don't like. There's only 1 or 2 Nikon Photographers which shots I like but they use post-processing to get the color right.

    Thanks for the comment.


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