Friday, January 02, 2015

This is probably one of the longest Christmas/New Year break we ever had. We had 13 long days of vacation beginning December 23 up to January 4. I am still in the middle of it (as I write this) and we have two more days to go before we go back to work. I spent most of it rushing to the mall for last minute gifts, attending get-togethers, resting and sleeping, and wedding planning. 

I usually spend vacations catching up with work. Yeah, I such am a work nerd. I usually do this because my e-mail inbox will never be not full and I am really really bothered by it. But, I made an exception for this particular break. Smart will "own" me again in three days so I am spending my time wisely by devoting time for myself. Ye.

Before we go back to the grind, I would like to share two memorable celebrations we had in December. Last Holiday Season was one of my busiest ever. Everyone is having Christmas parties these days.

One of the first parties we had was the #SmartSunHolidaze party held at Urbn Bar & Kitchen (one of our favorites) last December 11. This is also our first time to host a party for our Smart-Sun bloggers, digital influencers, on-line partners and friends. The turn-out was really good despite our 'whatever' program, silly games and our li'l raffle.

The fashionistas won the game (again)

With THE Fashion Fulis and Eds

Tech Bloggers Represent!

Friends and Countrymen --- sober mode still. 

More photos of the #SmartSunHolidaze can be found through my Flickr. This party is definitely one for the books and I cannot even post why. *wink*

Spinnr Hitl1st & Year-end Celebration
Spinnr, one of the country's newest music service brought by Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk 'N Text), had the first Spinnr Awards and Celebration last December 17 at the new Valkyrie Super Club. Recognition and awards were given to top albums and hit makers for 2014. Taylor Swift is the biggest winner with her 1989 Album and downloads from her equally fantastic Red Album. This is well-deserved I must say. Right, Swifties? :)

Taylor Swift is also my biggest music discovery for 2014. I've known her for quite a while (of course) but it was through Spinnr and her Red Tour MNL Concert in June when I became a fan. Her 1989 album is perpetually on my stream at my Spinnr account (Shameless plug: Spinnr has all the tracks of 1989 and all of her other albums unlike other music streaming services). 

Spinnr Awards 

Chrissy, Verniece, Vern

Bloggers and Friends

Tob, Jean, Maki, Kimmy, Yeg, AA

Lovely Tree Spinnr Christmas Tree

More Spinnr Hitl1st photos here

Here's to more celebration, parties...and breaks this 2015! Ye!

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  1. I really love the quality of the photos of your new camera, Ms. Abbie! :)

  2. Thanks, Nikko!

    Pwede na ba ako maging photo blogger ng MadHouseMNL? Hahaha! :)


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