Friday, January 09, 2015

I went to SM Megamall last Sunday to check out the Wedding and Debut Fair at the Megatrade Hall. I am not expecting too much and I just want to have a feel check out new trends. I will not say that it's a waste of time but it was definitely not very productive for me. There were only 40-50 exhibitors and most of them are photographers and videographers. I did find a couple of leads and was able to book impulsively another "photographer".

Mobile Bar
Mobile Bar at the Bridal Fair. Should we get one? 


The fifth wedding supplier I was able to book was PhotoMan. It was, I must say, an impulsive move. My wedding planner asked me if I will still have photo booth and I answered yes. I know that it is very very usual nowadays to have photo booths but I still like them. 

PhotoMan is technically not a photo booth. They are a group of 2-3 roving people who take photos and prints them through a portable laptop and printer that is being carried around backpack-style. I am familiar with Photoman's work since we already got them in 3 of our events last year. 

My decision to book Photoman is a good one (I think). I was able to get them for only P7,800 (with an out of town fee of P1,500) for the whole duration of the wedding. The bridal fair promo is the use of PhotoMan for unlimited hours from church to reception as opposed to their usual 3 hour period. This will also guarantee me an unofficial second photographer with print outputs to boot.

There's only one florist in the whole fair - Samantha's of Dangwa! I've been scouting for florists all week and I was hoping that I can get a good one in the fair. Flowers are actually in my "save" list. It's okay for me to just have "ok" flowers and I am planning not to splurge on it. Our church is very very nice so it doesn't need too much flowers; and our caterer will provide styling and flowers for the reception. I will only need a florist for my bridal bouquet, female entourage, and some asters for the church aisle.

I inquired with Samantha's Flowershop and they gave me very good rate. It's around 43% less than the usual range of florists' rates in the metro. The lady owner also offered a mock-up for my bridesmaids' bouquet at the bridal fair at the PICC Forum this coming weekend. 

Here's a sample of their bridal bouquets (grabbed from their Facebook Page)

Flowers by Samantha-1

Flowers by Samantha-2

I am still scouting for florists and I am not yet sure if I'll be getting Samantha's. I haven't seen any reviews about them so far and I still have a few names on my list. If you're interested, you may inquire at their Facebook Page. Speaking of florists - I also met with Sampaguita Master Serge Igonia the other day at Fairmont and he has some very beautiful creations and pegs which I really like. More on this on my next post!

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