Monday, May 01, 2017

I'm back to blogging and I am posting again my favorite "sport".

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 was held last night and we now have our new queens!

Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Winners

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 - Rachel Louise Peters
Bb. Pilipinas International 2017 - Maria Angelica De Leon
Bb. Pilipinas Supranational 2017 - Chanel Olive Thomas
Bb. Pilipinas  Grand International 2017 - Elizabeth Clenci
Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2017 - Katarina Sonja Rodriguez
Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2017 - Nelda Ibe
Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner-up - Charmaine Elima
Bb. Pilipinas 2nd Runner-up - Kristel Guelos

I must say that this is a very good set of winners. I am foreseeing another good run for Team Philippines this year. There were some surprises but it's an over-all well-deserved win for everyone.

The New Queens

Rachel Peters2

I predicted and cheered for Rachel Peters to win the Miss Universe Philippines crown even before the finals. She did not disappoint and delivered the goods come Coronation Night and aced each and every round in the competition. She was sexy and sultry in swimsuit, gorgeous in the long gown, and very eloquent (with substance!) in the Q&A. Those long legs will surely go places!

Katarina Rodriguez

The placement of the winners is okay BUT I wished for a higher placement for Katarina Rodriguez. A Supranational crown, maybe? I was so sure of a Peters-DeLeon-Rodriguez win after Katarina's splendid Q&A (not to mention that gorgeous face that is dubbed as the "Face of the Pageant"). Twitter was buzzing that Katarina was this year's Kylie (read: Kylie was last year's best finalist but she settled for an International crown) because of her performance. I beg to disagree because Rachel and Mariel were better performers in long gown and swimsuit. They were even awarded for it. Plus - there's the big issue on Katarina's "height" eligibility. BUT I still think that she deserved a higher crown than Intercontinental. 

[May 3 Update: CNN and BBPCI said that Katarina expressed that she may NOT accept the Intercontinental crown. I wonder why. BUT Katarina denied this as of press time BUT someone told me that she changed her mind to resign. No official word yet so we have to wait and see. And I initially thought that this batch is drama-free!] 

[May 4 Update: She is keeping the crown. Life goes on!] 

Mariel De Leon

Mariel De Leon is destined to win last night. I am not a fan but I just know that she will win (gorgeous face, showbiz royalty parents). She is also the top choice of most pageant bloggers and forums. Even international pageant fans are rooting for her. It's going to be a tough and long shot for a back-to-back Miss International win - the Japanese are very traditional when it comes to MI - but I am wishing her a very good placement. I must also say that the Cary Santiago creations she wore at the Evening Gown and National Costume are both nice.

Chanel Thomas  Elizabeth Clenci  Nelda Ibe

The Other Winners: Chanel Thomas, crowned Bb. Pilipinas Supranational, also deserved her win for her fine performance last night. She is very confident and she has a legit chance to get our 2nd Supranational win with her charm and sunny disposition. Elizabeth Clenci, Binibining Pilipinas Grand International, is considered as the lone dark horse of the competition. She was never a frontrunner but surprised everyone with her outstanding finish. Her gown also caught my attention for its simplicity and elegance. Mariel's gown is nice but Elizabeth's is a jaw-dropper. Nelda Ibe, Binibining Pilipinas Globe, was the personal revelation for me last night. She was mentioned in a lot of blogs as a shoo-in for one of the crowns but I was late in the game in noticing her. She was styled very well last night and I find her really beautiful. These three has very good chances in their respective international pageants. It's about time we get our win in Grand International (we are always runners-up) and our second wins in Supranational and Globe.

Maine Elima .  Kristel Guelos

Runners-up: The result was an upset for Maine Elima - literally and figuratively - but I think that this is the right placement for her based on her performance last night. She's is still in a good place and she can get more training and improve her communication skills for another shot next year. Same with 2nd Runner-up Kristel Guelos who did a fine job in the Q&A but fell a little bit short in the other rounds of the competition. She was one of the (good) surprises of the night and I find her pretty.

[May 3 Update: If Katarina will resign then let's see how this "vacancy" will be filled in. There are also rumors that Maine Elima will not accept and fill-in either and will just take her chance for a crown next year.]

[May 4 Update: Katarina is keeping the crown so Maine is still 1st Runner-up...for now!] 

The Two Frontrunners

I posted this at the start of the pageant. These are my guesses and final picks for the crowns:

Most of my picks made it with the exception of frontrunners Sirene Sutton and Jehza Huelar. Sirene was a favorite for a Top 1-3 finish while Jehza was consistently favored to win one of the minor crowns. Both bombed their Q&A

Sirene was a major threat to Rachel, Mariel and Chanel in most of the segments. I was in total awe when she came out in her Evening Gown presentation in the beautiful violet gown. She could've easily won the top plum but she bombed the Q&A. She wasn't able to answer...AT ALL. I don't know if it's a case of nerves or lack of coherence or communication skills. I hope that it's the latter because that beauty and body deserves to be showcased internationally. Sirene should sign up with Aces & Queens (she has no beauty camp) pronto and train for next year beginning tomorrow. 

Last year's 2nd Runner-up Jehza Huelar improved a lot. I don't like her last year but she has more confidence and her styling improved so much this year. She started well but failed in her Evening Gown presentation and styling last night. Almost there but not quite. She is only 22 so I am hoping to see her again next year.

Final Thoughts

I generally like this year's Binibining Pilipinas and I like all the winners. It was still a very looong event and I hope that next year's iteration will be better and shorter. BBPCI and ABS-CBN should work on their programming and time slots to reduce the more than 5 hours event.

Next year will be an exciting year because past runners-up and cross-overs are expected to join. There are already some buzz for Catriona Grey, Laura Lehmann, and Angelica Alita. I am also expecting that Sirene, Jehza, Charmaine, and Kristel will join again next year to improve their standings this year.

Until the next pageant!

Photo Credits: Missosology & Bb. Pilipinas 

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