Sunday, March 21, 2010


This week's entry for Project 52 Weeks:

Week 11: The Yellow Army

The Yellow Army is in town! Along with the personalities are various Noynoy & Mar election paraphernalia, collaterals and other wearable stuff like this Noynoy Baller ID.

Election in the Philippines is less than two months and I'm pretty decided that I am with the Yellow Army! Noynoy & Mar for the win!


Chyng said...

i enjoyed viewing your proj though im not for noy and mar. hihi

question: would any theme/subj do for this 52 weeks proj?

Abbie said...

Hi, Chyng!

Thanks for taking notice of my Project 52. :) The entire album is on my Flickr account -

It's really fascinating and challenging to come up with photo subjects every week. I don't stick to a theme and I just go whatever fancies me but there are people in Tumblr and Flickr who has specific themes per week. :)

Looking forward to your 52 Weeks. Let me know.

It's ok if you're not for Noy-Mar. :) Hehe! To each his own.

惠蘋 said...
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