Saturday, April 10, 2004

It's no secret that I'm on the look-out for a new career these days. While updating my resume and on-line applications, I casually browsed the current job offerings in Houston. Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all. Tempting, even.

He sent me a text message around 7:00 am (his time) but I only got it after 12:00 mn (my time). Connection is bad but its the least that we can do as of the moment. He said that he's thinking of me. I still can't decipher whether its a forwarded message or an original one! Now, THIS is a definite improvement! I'm taking it one step at a time. I'm keeping my cool. Ladida!


Both Dansel and Bugs sent me perfect beach shorelines of Bohol and Legazpi through MMS yesterday. *sigh* Everyone is on vacation but me! I am stuck here! All my friends are out: Dansel and Jai are both sunbathing in Bohol, Olen and Bim are vacationing in their weekend house in Tagaytay, Bugs with Chay, Ram and Grace is on a roadtrip to Bicol and even Jen and Deng are in Quezon. Seems like I'm the only left, huh? Hmmm, actually, make that two of us! I know for a fact that Ces is surfing like me! In Siargao? Nah! Think again! : )

But we want this...WE truly DO! Both Ces and I planned the break this way: to surf and download 24/7 to our heart's desire! Yahooo! After all, we are not paying big moolah to Greendot for nothing. :)

As if my PC and connection is not slaving enough, I've downloaded another P2P breakthrough called eMule (I've deleted Lime Wire because of fussy connections). Enough of Torrents?! Actually, eMule is very similar with Torrents, but it offers older files and downloads such as earlier episodes of my old favorites like Dawson's Creek and...ta-da...Beverly Hills 90210! Can't wait!

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