Friday, April 09, 2004

Why do I still feel strongly for this guy?
Compared to him, the rest of the men in my life (huh? who are they?! where are they?) are all blahs! All my life I love this guy. There were several occasions when I thought I gave up this feelings. Well, that's what I thought.

Great loves can never be forgotten...EVER!

When I learned that he was getting serious with his girlfriend...
When he went to the US...
When his buddies told me that he and his girlfriend went to the US together...

...I've given up.

However, there are still "miracles"!

First, it is true that he and his girlfriend went to the US together but they went to separate states as soon as they landed. He went to hip Jersey while she went to hillybilly Tennessee.

Second, that same girlfriend (of more than three years) is now an EX like me. She's a conniving b*tch who left him to marry some Chinese guy; despite the fact that SHE owe her US visa to his ex's family!

Well, as for the last dilemma, it needs more miracle since he's still there and I'm still here. But with the Internet, YM, chat, webcam, voice chat, Skype, who cares if we are miles apart? *sigh* I do.

*sigh again* Who I am kidding? Who said that this will work? Distance is a big issue for us. It was distance that gave us nightmares before. It was distance that made us forget the love we shared almost 8 years ago. We were young, foolish and immature then but who said that we can make it this time?! Geez! What's happening to me? What I am thinking? THIS can never happen! Not in a million years! Plus, it is only me who's even considering this! As if he's even thinking about me! Aarrrggggh! &!%#$

Hearing his voice again after two years made me long for him again. I even dreamed about him last night! Dang! Dang! Dang! Grrr!

This is definitely NOT good.

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