Monday, April 12, 2004

Rather than doing a separate account of our infamous chat, I rigged Aileen's instead. Thanks Gurl! Sorry, so tamad!

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by ~*lilacstardust*~ (4.10.04)

Awww. I miss my Forces of Nature gals. We had set a YM confy pero helloooo Abbie, you confused me girl!!! Di ko maintindihan kung 2pm ba talaga or 3pm Phils. time... I was grinning when I read your email... naaaks, may Phils. and China time, may US time and may Canada time. Winner ka -- walking world clock!!!

So anyway, when we were waiting up for Charo and Tin we put this crazy YM status messages... Ivy's read : "Where is the sex goddess?" Mine read: "Hoy Tin the Sex Goddess, Charo the Virgin Mary, where you?", and Abbie's read: "Aileen #1 Akafellas groupie!" ahahaha! Then when Tin went online, she apparently saw our status and went "What the ?!?"

Ahhh. We are indeed getting freakin old. Ivy is married and is shouting to the world that sex is good, Mitzi proclaims she is still a virgin despite being with her honey always and forever (uyyy, aminin!), Tin is asking for tips and styles... Abbie and I can only offer our humble and limited theoretical knowledge. Abbie & Aileen = all theories, no real man. Ahahahaha!

So syempre singit pa rin ang Akafellas dba! I provided the background music... the album -- so that Mitzi my US baby can hear what the hell I'm gushing about over here in Pinas. LOL, I just remembered something... In the Still of the Night was playing and Abbie goes: Akala ko "Put Your Head In My Shoulders". Hahaha! I wuuuv you Abbie-girl, you just crack me up! Oh and I remember Abbie teasing me... She pasted the link to my blog and went: "The Groupie Diaries" LMAO! ;P And then I let them hear Jay R the papalicious boytoy, Usher of the Phils. Ahahaha! Man, Mitzi, I can't believe your Howell knows Fafa Jay R pala?! Waaaaah.

Abbie, I re-read the confy transcript and I am ROTFL about that "the grind = lambada" comment you made! *gaah, strains of the lambada intro is invading my mind. Nnnoooooo!!! Heeeeelp!!!*

Quotes for the day:

If SEX lakihan pa font!
Ayan na SEX Goddess
lets await the royal bomba star
nkahilata doing lord knows what
I'm sitting na kasi natawa ko sa Groupie Diaries
Ask Aileen! Dami nya alam ---> sa akafellas! :)
Yep BUT enough aka, PLEASE
no meat = nothing by MOUTH
i would rather RECEIVE than GIVE:-P
Give and take - the rule of thumb!
salty, spicy, sweet?
Amoy clorox daw?
ah okie ___.. check! i have that!:-P
Easter Egg Special
The V Mary texted!
Hips? What hips? Parang nag-Lambada ka?
ahehe, hindi naman mala-helicopter yan ha?
waaaah i want a boylet NOOOOOOW
down girl down
ABA! Dami alam ni ex IT Guru turned Sex Guru ah!
now wtf is C???
laughing and the keyboard noise
tell him its for the eternal betterment of your sex life
waaaah. pano gumawa ng mahinhin na ____? *for future reference*
u murdered the poor ___banana girl
u smashed the banana
kasi as in mega gigil to the max ang lola
Dapat sensual ang music no!
SENSUAL ba yan? WTF?!
here's my fave part... ddddamn he's fabulous
medyo may konting ipin(nayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!)
soft ang gentle parang ice cream.
siguro parang liposuction, sipsip lahat hanggang kaluluwa
Mura sa US, Mitz....Aileen's 26th is coming soon. Bday gift mo na lang
made in japan! color FINK
ooh color pink naaaaaks!... pde purple?
Hanap pa kita ng Purple ....and may remote Para sa TAMAD
Buti wala si Charo or else iwan na tayo sa conf noon
ay bka mahimatay ang lola charo
girls, have to go... mass pa ko!
mass? what daaa???... how ironic!
sked another confy... the goddess is out na

*weee* That was fun! Luv yah Abbie, Mitzi, Ivy and Tin (ay hindi pala nababasa 'to ni Tin. BAWAL sa CHINA! Grrrrr.)

Virgin Charo, we missed you! Ya better be online later! Anyway, I emailed the transcript to our egroups so you won't miss out on the twisted fun we just had ;)

~*this made sense to ~*lilacstardust*~ @ 4/10/2004 05:53:00 PM

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