Thursday, May 13, 2004


The REAL countdown to my "Honda Goodbye!" has begun.

I spent almost five (5) hours of H2H (heart to heart) with my manager this evening. It was really nice to unload your feelings to somebody who understands where you are coming from. As I told her, be happy for me and for the opportunities that will come my way (it's not even a question if I will stay if given a better offer since I honestly told her that it is MY road to happiness and I want her to be happy - even proud - for me). My loyalty to Honda is unparelled and it will stay that way for quite some time. I even told her that transferring to a competitor may not be an option even if their offer is HARD (Hello "F Word!") to resist since I can't picture myself without my precious Honda. It's such pity that saying goodbye is the one that gave to us the opportunity to seat down and talk like old friends.

Who's the real biatch?! Well, I'll give you two guesses! : )



As for my "target"'s more than 24 hours since the panel and I haven't received any call yet. It was nerve-wracking and I stilll dunno how did I fare. HR told me that they will let me know around 4pm yesterday but the girl in charge texted meand told me that she hasn't received any news yet (but promised to get in touch before lunch yesterday). I was really nervy and I kept on thinking about it. Lunch came and I still haven't heard anything from them. I texted Rina, the one from HR, and inquired about it, but she did not text back. I called around 5pm and casually asked if she got news but she told me that they haven't actually evaluated anybody yet since they are busy with the yearly deliberations with their employees. So, I dunno if its good news or bad news. How do you classify "no news" anyway? For one, I can still "live with the dream" until tomorrow, right? One consolation though, Rina told me than the panel interview is really a toughie for everyone. Since they started having panel with Shioda-san and Umeyama-san, feedback has been quite the same - it's indeed "hard". So, basically...there's still hope! Everyone is not expected to answer correctly the questions being asked by them. MM even called me up after her interview and told me that she's not comfortable by the way her interview went.


What are you seeing? Are you seeing an all-white background with Times New Romas as font?! If yes...UGH! My css file and tile images are all hosted at Angelfire (good thing I transferred 'the girl' up there at Photobucket just in time) and its crackin' up! Aileen did warn me last Saturday but I did not listen! Grrr! To top it DSL connection also conked out. I'm currently using PLDT Vibe dial-up which is supposed to be good...NOT! On my pre-broadband days, the vibe connection is quite fast...dunno what's happening now! Grrr! Anyway, I'll try to re-upload the css files at Geocities and hopefully the brown-beige background will be up in no time. :)



The recent events of my life showed me (again) how my friends value me and my friendship : ) I would like to say THANKS to Kat, Olen, Aileen, Lee, Louie, She, Kaye, Dans, Cols, Bugs, Ygy and Reg for your never-ending support and prayers. I really really really hope that I can make it.

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