Wednesday, May 12, 2004

::: Despair, DESPAIR , despair...::

What am I going to tell them if they ask me what's a WEGA and an HDTV?

a. Go figure!
b. Duh?! Who cares? Can you just ask me something simple like - What is VTEC? Or CVT?
c. Errr...I am sorry...I dunno. It's not in the BLOG I went to last night!

Grrr! I can't stop blogging! I can but I can't...its my "diversion tactic"! I should be browsing the Sony page YET I am here reading some Singaporean girl's blogsite. It's already 4:12 am and I am still wide awake with an empty notepad beside me. I've already turned-off the lights for me to concentrate and to give my room a more subdued effect. I can't believe I am going to work tomorrow! Damns! Can you believe that? I haven't planned my escape route yet. HOW?! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and I cannot let Honda ruin it for me. NOT THIS TIME!

I'm going to grab some soda in the ref.
Oh! To answer the above-question...HDTV stands for High-Definition TV while WEGA is the advanced digital flat-screens. : )

I can't believe what I saw while browsing the Sony site earlier! *horrors* Their ex-A&P Supervisor has this picture during the unveiling of the new range of Sony Plasma Wega products at Greenbelt 3 and she is uber-sexy and sexily dressed! Geez! I can't believe it! I thought she's a model. Is that a requirement? Awww! I think I could use that soda.

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