Monday, May 03, 2004


There are so many things that a newly-resigned associate must do to ensure that 1) all things are taken care of, 2) all bases are covered, 3) nobody is raging mad and 4) things will go on as planned.

The first three concerns above are basically for good ol' Honda. Whatever! The reason why I can't fully experience the joy of being Honda-free is because I have so many things to do before I can actually bid them Sayonara. Since my resignation is quite unplanned, there are so many responsibilities that were assigned to me that I have to fulfill. Good thing I filed Wednesday. If I waited for another week to file as what was previously planned - May 7/13 - for sure I wouldn't be able to do it since there will be numerous stuff assigned to me by then. That bad.

The fourth and the last concern is actually for my "future undertaking". I have another job interview this afternoon for my "target company". I hope and pray that I would get in since the job seems really for me. It all fell into places. For the occassion, I "studied" last night through their website. I familiarized myself to their many products and even browsed through their news archives for things that would be able to help me later.

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